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Major MATH HELP! D: ** Pic included!

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Help? :(

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Other answers:

I need some help with this problem
wats ur answer
I dont have onne, I need help :| I attached a link of the problem
i did
hold on
thnx (:
Do you still need help?
Yes please (:
Okay, Do you know how to even start working on this problem?
No :C
So are you working with vectors?
indeed I am!
Im just tottally lost on this problem
Ok, so have you done vector proofs before?
no neverO=
ok, so ob+ba=oa
0=(0,0) A=(x1,y1) B=(x2,y2)
Vector BA=A-B=(x1-x2, y1-y2)
Good so far?
All what you have to do now is find vecotor OA and vecotr OB
O: oh really but is there like another pic you have to draw/
oh cool
so vector BA is equal to A-B so when you subtract the points element-wise you get x1-x2 and y1-y2
Oh right, now I find Oa Ob ?How can I do thta again?
now you do the same for vector ob
So OB is OB = O-B= <0-x2 , 0-y2 > ?
no, it would be = B-O =
So, now you need to subtract from . to prove that it equals
ohhh right!
1 Attachment
look at the attachment, the circled ones.
How would you prove the?
They are equal.
so, by the subtraction of the vectors, you prove that = -
OH theyre equal!! Its < x1-x2 , y1-y2 > !
pretty much.
Now to solve part 2, set point c equal to (x3, y3)
then I would solve for x3,y3 in terms of the other known quantities, x1,y1 and x2,y2 using the given ratio. the rest is just algebra.
So all what xOA is saying is to ditribute the x?
Oh okay yy
Cool thanks ((:
/ =x/y so, (C-B)/(A-C) =x/y now can, you isolate C from here ? try it...
you want me to isolare c from (C-B)/(A-C) =x/y right?
u see, how i got, (C-B)/(A-C) =x/y from given condition, / =x/y
Wait how would you do that because C is being subtracted
u mean how to isolate C ? cross-multiply....
yea youd get y(c-b) = x(a-c) ...
try to isolate C from that...
so I distribute..first then
yc-cb = xa - xc
yes, distribute then bring all terms with 'c' together, then factor out c
its yc-yb on the left...
So C= xa-xc / (y-b)
there, u were not able to isolate C, notice, c is there on right side also
yc-yb = xa - xc yc+xc = xa+yb got this step ?
now can u isolate c ?
I thought ititd be yc-cb = xa - xc since u cross mult tho..
right x)
yesyes i did that xD
what does left side simplify to ?
knowing that its given that x+y=1
C= xa+yb / y+x
what is x+y= ?
Wait but does C equal to that O:
oh okay lol Um y+x = .. ?
its given to be =1 see the question
Oh cool so it would just be xa+yb
yes, c=xa+yb now u know what to do next ?
PLug it to...
we know that C=(x3,y3) and O=(0,0) so can you find = ?
which is ?
so =C so we can replace C by right ?
ohhyeauhhh! ool!
in same way, we can replace A by ... ? B by ... ?
A with x1,y1??
A with
=C so we can replace C by =A so we can replace A by =B so we can replace B by right ?
so put all those in c=xa+y and see whether u get what needs to be proven..
Do u mean plug in the value sliket his
OH THATS what you ment I tots get that!
all steps clear ? any doubts ?
Wait and how did u kno that OC=c and OA =A and OB = B ?
C = (x3,y3) =C-O = (x3,y3)-(0,0) = (x3-0,y3-0) = (x3,y3) = C same for A and b
got it ?
yea thanks (: Do you think we can do another in like 10 min?? I I need to sleep asap since I need to wake up early tomorrow (x
same type ? ....actually even i need to go in few minutes...
lets me see the question atleast
OK but && Oh and alsoo how did you know that ( C- B)/(A-C) = x/y
it is given that BC /CA = x/y now BC=C-B CA=A-C
remember for any vector XY, we can write it as Y-X
oh okay why is it flipped again?
flipped again ? means ?
Oh I mean like why isnt it like BC= B-c instead its C-B
its the conventional way of representation, but if you take BC=B-C , you will get same exact final answer....
so its no difference, just a way of representation
Oh right k thnx! lemme post the other problem I dont think we have enough tim :C

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