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Am on Probset 5 Have coded title trigger I ran ps_5 test and got full error set! I then ran Ps5 Solutions code (with code below triggers commented out ) and got same errors with test. Text file with errors to follow! Can anyone help Not sure if using test correctly ows

MIT 6.00 Intro Computer Science (OCW)
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Error Messages in text file
1 Attachment
Isn't that Ps6?
I Hope it is PS5 Looking at RSS feeds!

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Other answers:

ocw or edx?:P
please post a piece of you code so we will be able to help you:)
code so far attached although test code reports errors as in first response to post the code attached here runs in idle without error message
1 Attachment
I have had 'behaviour probs with Idle since downloading Enthought sweet to get pylab functionality (See my last 'now closed' but unsolved Q) 1) Idle icon in dock oscillates when I run Idle. After some random time and use this stops and icon returns to stable state 1a) I also get Rocket Icon appearing now (I did not before) 2) alt-3 used to insert commenting , #, now not only enters # but also alarmingly deletes code! 3) unable to 'open with' .py files with idle. (Have tried methods to set llways open with Previously Idle worked well on my 2011 iMac with up to date macOS However I could not find detailed instructions on how to load necessary files for pylab functionality and my attempts failed. Despite strange behaviour Enthought has given me pylab functionality My impression is the Enthought sweet does not link files correctly with mac OS Therefore I have copied test sweet and pasted this on end of my solution This has at least has worked in part. I have attached my ps5sol and text file of response to test I would appreciate any help
ok 1st about your idle problems: i have windows and never really used a Mac OS so cant be much of help to you unfortunately. you should maybe send a message to the edx group asking help with correct enthought installation (or directly to the enthought support ).
i think 1st step is to resolve this error: testNewsStoryGetLink (__main__.ProblemSet5NewsStory) ... ERROR and here is your problem: def __init__(self, guid, title, subject, summary, link): self.guid = guid self.title = title self.subject = subject self.summary = summary you havent initialized link.
correct it and tell me if it helps with the other steps aswell. see this also for your next error. after those 2 are fixed we will look to the next errors you get.
Thankyou MicroBot have initialised Link success with test news Story bits my logic triggers work so need to work on title summary and subject triggers. about to go to paste bin!
yes please paste again the corrected code so we can see it together.
MicroBot thanks again your solution almost perfect infact needed to change to #convert word to lowercase word = self.word.lower() #Need self.word not just word to call word from IVAR rather than self.word = .... To declare word and give it a value Thanks ++ Simon
great to hear:) gl!
Worked fine with test pasted in same script below my code Interestingly I tried once again to run test code from separate script still did not work! I guess this must relate to my Enthought issues with mac I did contact Enthought a few days ago (I have added post to FAQ question) They suggested prob was specific to Mac OS I am slightly concerned because that post was suggesting that course uses Enthought from this fall. There must be a solution because Prof Guttag is using a mac in lectures. I wish I could access his mac set up instructions!
do you have a 64bit OS? if so its says in the instruction not to download and use 64 bit even if u have it...use the 32 one...if im not wrong.
On the subsequent page, select the download file Mac. Do NOT use the 64 bit version, even if your operating system is 64-bit.
Yep I think it is Will go back and review installation
ok :)
MAY BE USEFUL FOR ANYONE WITH A MAC I have had problems since installing Enthought In Summary Can only open .py files by using open command from within Idle(cant open directly from .py files) When I open files, finder top bar is not replaced by Idle top bar until click on script Alt-3 not only types # but also mysteriously deletes code Icon in dock oscillates way beyond opening programme Seems as though Idle no longer links files properly so wont respond to other necessary files in .py containing folders I have just deleted Enthought Folder and reinstalled (from Enthought) only version for mac (which is 32 bit) in installation NOW recommended for this course. EPD Free installer downloads for edX "Intro to Computer Science and Programming" students All above problems persist with new installation. I am running OSX 10 8 2 I will post this again on Open Questions And I will once again contact enthought I hope someone from course will see this. thanks MicroBot for your help I will now close this so that I may post specific Mac problem as Open question

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