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I need help with a python programming problem. the question is, modify the guess my number chapter project by reusing the function ask_number(). here is the guess my number programimport random print("welcome") print("number between 1-100") print("guess") the_number = random.randint(1, 100) guess = int(input("take a g:")) tries = 1 lose = 10 while guess != the_number and tries < lose: if guess > the_number: print("lower") else: print("higher") guess =int(input("take a guess")) tries += 1 if tries == lose: print("You have exceeded your max number of attempts; therefore, you lose!") else: print("you guessed it! the number was", the_number) print("and it only took you", tries, "tries!\n") input("\n\nPress the enter key the exit.") here is the the ask_number function def ask_number(question, low, high ): """Ask for a number within a range.""" response = None while response not in range(low, high ): response = int(input(question)) return response
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it seems ok... you need to include: import random # the random number module at the top, and it seems to work.
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Thanks for taking a look at the code for me…Yeah; I got the top of the code to work fine. The problem was incorporating the ask_number function into the program. The challenge is to take a project I did out of chapter 3 which was guess my number and modify it by reusing the ask_number function.

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