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Can someone check my test to see if i got them right?Stars on answers i got!!! 1. The poet’s _____ was left silently behind. (1 point) life* wife enemy car 2. The _____ grew as big as hospital buildings. (1 point) ice cars lights seconds* 3. _____ flew away in the darkness. (1 point) An egg An angel The snow A post* 4. Other people live in a _________ (1 point)crowd.* field. world. stillness. 5. Everyone is _____ at everyone’s door. (1 point)singing softly watching quietly turning away lining up* “The Nobel Prize” 6. The poet is trapped between _____ and shore.
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6. The poet is trapped between _____ and shore. (1 point) lake wood* freedom air 7. All’s ________ to the poet. (1 point fear lost beauty one* 8. The poet has made the whole world ________ (1 point) hide. trust. grave. weep.* 9. The poet asks, “Am I a _________ (1 point) murderer?”* beast?” fugitive?” victor?” 10. The poet trusts that, in the end, _____ will win. (1 point) good* freedom people fear “First Frost” 11. The girl is wearing a _________ (1 point) smile. necklace. coat.* dress. 12. Her _____ are like ice. (1 point) beads fingers* eyes cheeks 13. Her face is stained by ________ (1 point) mascara. pain. ice. tears.* 14. “Frost of telephone phrases” means _________ (1 point) “loving payphone exchange.” “cold words on the phone.”* “a warm embrace to fight the cold.” “frozen out by a wrong number.” 15. _________ glitters on her cheek. (1 point) Winter* Ice Glass Lipstick For question 16, classify the sentence. 16. The house is disorganized, but it’s not dirty. (1 point) simple compound* complex compound-complex
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They are all correct @aubreyk9614

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