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Some mothers may worry about how the chemicals in their home affect their loved ones, all of them should. A lot of common chemicals we casually use in our everyday lives can be disguised under neat labels and fancy names. They are thought to be safe, harmless, environmentally friendly products. Although this may be true in some cases, most of the time the cleaning products you buy at your local grocery store can be harmful to your body and your health. Accidental combination of cleaning chemicals can cause nausea, respiratory problems, and in serious cases, fatality. Does that sound like anything you’d want for your child or family member to be burdened with? Naturally you’d want a clean home that is safe for you and anyone else. You’re on the bathroom floor using bleach without taking into play the toxic smell stinging your eyes, but consider the harmful effects these chemicals will cause. Bleach is an extremely harsh, corrosive, and toxic chemical, which can cause horrible health risks; eye irritation, respiratory issues, throat irritation, and severe allergic reactions on the skin. This is not the end of what bleach does, not only is it harmful on its own; when mixed with other things it can make poisonous gases that are even worse than bleach it self. Why would we use products like this in our homes? It puts our family, pets, and the world we live on in danger. Some argue that bleach is needed to keep their homes clean but in reality there are homemade solutions that you can use that are not as harsh or corrosive, yet still have the affectivity that bleach has. Vinegar is the most popular non-harmful cleaning agent, which can be used to brighten clothes, clean floors, or just as an all purpose cleaner. Baking soda works great for deodorizing, while hydrogen peroxide disinfects. If your having a problem with mold or mildew, Listerine will do the trick. Products like these may not be all natural but they work great and are safe for our earthly home. The world we live on is slowly turning to waste. The beautiful oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, prairies, deserts, forests, and jungles are slowly dwindling. Some of our animal species are dying out and becoming extinct. You might think that one home is not going to change anything, but it only takes one to inspire. You never know what may happen, you could start a movement, just by discontinuing your use of bleach and falling toward more natural, biodegradable products. You could be saving millions. If that is too great of a thought for your head to wrap around, imagine your family. You love them, and you want to keep them safe, do it for them. Do it for the environment, make the switch.
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