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I am starting to dislike this site now for these reasons

OpenStudy Feedback
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1.Every one is asking questions and nobody whats to answer any questions. 2.The music group is a joke i mean really this is the music group in a nut shell hey whant to check out my 10000000 rap i made then proceeds to post a generic forgettable rap song and these are the comets " man that's amazing " "dude that's tight" but get this if you ask people if they want share artist your question will get delete by a mod why is there a double standard i mean i like most of the mods here and i know they are just doing there jobs but they need to be more fair imo. 3.I think that people should vote or ( mark or flag ) if they think a question does not match the community rules like if it gets 3 votes or more then it should be removed i don't think that mods should right off the back have the right to take down a question unless it's really really bad. 4.If your profile pic is a pic of a "hot" half naked girl then every one comes to help answer your question at the same time every one else is waiting forever sometimes. i got a ton more if you guys would like to hear some more
theres a music group?

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Other answers:

@amistre64 Yes there is, and it has become a BIG issue. Please read my post
  • hba
Please Delete the Music Group.
1. Nobody wants to give answers to people who are posting homework or test questions on the site as a means of cheating. OpenStudy is a tutoring site, not an answering service. A substantial number of the askers are not interested in understanding the problem or working through the solution; they just want the answer. And tutors can decide not to give it to them. The best way to pass the time while waiting for assistance (note: not waiting for the answer) is by looking through the recently asked questions and seeing whether anyone else can be helped. 2. What music group? In all honesty, the music group was an experiment. There has been much discussion about whether it will continue to be part of the site as it has become, as you well note, a social group. 3. The questions / replies we delete right off the bat (i.e., without discussing it with the user involved and reaching an agreement with them about how to proceed) are really, really bad. 4. We moderate for photos of lewd or suggestive content. The obviously inappropriate ones get blocked. Still, we have no desire to dress the entire site in suits and collars and try to treat this on a case to case basis. The sad truth of it is that sex sells - just imagine what Disney would say if you pointed to the exaggerated and impossible curves on their animated heroes or ABC or CBS would say if you told them they need to take every ad of their channel that uses sex appeal to sell a product...
  • hba
@blues Come on dude put the music chat in the bin.
@hba, if it were up to me, there would only be one chat room for the entire site.
"It is impossible to make everyone happy." -Hero Miles
@Hero yes but this site is run by the people so shouldn't also be for the people ???
I'm confused. Are you complaining that the music group is solely about user-created music?
@shadowfiend it's mostly the music group but some of it has to do with the site as a whole
I'd take care of music chat, keep it in line and in the CoC.. Group mod is what's needed.
thats good thanks :)
you must be new here...
i started last year xD it just now hit me lol
then you should know that not all questions get answered. it's not just you
yeah i know that i was just wondering if there was a way that they could change the site to make people want to answer questions more
give us difficult questions...if you notice, most green users are inactive. sadly, these green users are the most active users (and some of them have large scope of knowledge). So, if you can get the green users motivated again, then maybe we'll come back....
by the way....most answers given to half naked girls are wrong... i know...i've tried
@lgbasallote you do have a point xD
do know though that i completely agree with point #2
you have no idea how many times users have tried to get rid of Music of them even ended up getting suspended for a week
i think one of them even got permanently banned
Music group is *very* strong....
yes xD
try posting a petition in OpenStudy Feedback group. maybe if you can get lots of users to agree to get rid of Music group, then the administrators can be convinced. power of the people
i really don't want to get rid of it because i myself love music and i am learning the piano so something like the music group would be very helpful to me so i guess in that case i would like the music group to still stay but i think that the music group need more mods on it
are you familiar with the story of Noah?
the one in the bible ??
then yes
wonderful. then you should know the solution
flood the world and get rid of the evil spirits, then send a rainbow
YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
good idea
will do
We should have a video game group if there is a music group
sadly, no ridiculous group can ever be compared to Music's status
lol I agree with that
  • hba
@lgbasallote Strongly agree.......

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