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I need help phrasing a thesis. Any and ALL input is greatly appreciated. What I am trying to argue in my paper is that our ability to think irrationally is what makes us human, but also that we fear and hate that which is irrational.

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i pretty much have the rest of the essay already written too, i just cant figure out how to state my thesis without sounding like an idiot
here are the arguments if you want to see them
What I originally had was "It is not the ability to think rationally that makes us human, but the ability to think irrationally." The problem though is that that only covers about half of my arguments.

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Other answers:

you made me remember my english class your arguments are pretty strong and don't worry your thesis is appropriate why do you think that is inadequate?
the thesis only really covers the hows and why people are irrational. it doesnt cover why we fear and hate what is irrational.
(by the way and i do not believe that animals are rational than humans it is their instinct that make them behave in a rational manner) well how about this: Humans tend to fear irrational values,however; simultaneously irrational values have a significant role in shaping humans' life
not bad.
i can find more if you like but a few hours later i can send them
@amorfide here is the question
lets define the two terms, rational and irrational : rational : commitment to think critically based on knowledge one has irrational : refuses to think, eventhough he can. doesnt use his mind. he is blind though his eyes have no problems. he simply refuses to see. a man has choice to be rational or irrational. he can choose to live or to kill himself. an animal has no choice, it cannot kill itself. it is hardwired to do certain things in a certain way. it always does things which favor him within the extent of its knowledge. in that sense an animal is rational. a man can be irrational, he can unfocus his mind, refuse to think. the act of smoking, drinking, drugs.. and all other such things are done by humans who choose to be irrational. An animal wud never do such things. for ex - a plant cannot stop absorbing water thru its roots. the thing i wana say is this : to be rational/irrational is a choice. it is not a property of every man. rationality = life, thinking critically, sensible, creative irrationality = destruction, blind, whimsical, etc...
go on...
this is not what u working on right, i just want to argue wid u so that we can phrase something cool.. . u defending 'man is irrational' view right ?
sorta, not really. what i am arguing is that the ABILITY to be irrational is what makes us human. im also trying to explain why people fear and hate that which is irrational.
sounds good now; but the arguments in docz look very loose : 1) 1. People like to believe that they are rational, but they aren’t. (not all ppl are irrational, its a choice right ?) 2) 2. Animals are more rational than people (not possible) 3) Fear and hatred of the irrational, unpredictable, unknown futures, and surprises. (only irrational fear irrationals. rational ppl dont fear irrationals) 4) We made computers to combat the fear of self-doubt (rational/irrational is reserved only to LIVING things. it makes no sense to relate it to material things) 5) 5. We fear the completely rational (no rational fears rational)

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