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I am a novice in python programming and Introduction to computer science. I am finding it difficult to cope with here without any text books. I do not want to be left out completely. Please can any body tell me where I can get text books in or around Lagos.
MIT 6.00 Intro Computer Science (OCW)
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It depends on what you need the textbook for as to whether you should even get one. A language reference is very handy, and as long as you have internet access, you can view the python documentation. If you're looking for a guided approach to learning python, there are some quite good resources for it. Some of which are free. This: is an entire textbook, online and free to access. There's also a whole bunch of pdfs on python if you're a fan of piracy. If you want a book you can open and read, you'll have to pay. Most textbooks have an option to buy online and have them shipped to you - if you have paypal or a credit card. Alternatively, University bookstores are a good place to look. Finally, check your local public library. It's a good way to discover a book that works for you. I don't have any information specific to Lagos, sorry.
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Rossi - there are links to "text book" chapters from the course page. On the homepage look at the "Readings" sub topic - there it opens to text book readings for each lecture. Hope this helps. Dan

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