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I am protesting the way I was locked out of the Introduction to Solid state chemistry course ware for the greater part of the time only to be opened now less than ten hours to the first term exam. The group of people that did it succeeded in frustrating me. I think they should take their credit for not minding their business. They have seen what they want in the country they claim that belongs to a group of reckless jackals. Thank you guys, I am not going to take part in the exam so that you will not find any excuse to think you are better than me this second time. Go on, enjoy yourselves.
Solar Cells
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  • anonymous
This isn't so much a protest of any kind as it is a rant.
  • anonymous
So, if I understand correctly, you are going to allow this group to hijack your chi while YOU - all by your onesies - bollux your GPA. Can't access the course materials. Don't whiine about it, get the instructor involved. You paid perfectly good money for that class, learn something. Even if it's just how to beat them at their won game. FFS - look around your body, do you see a chalk outline? No? Then you're not dead yet so get off your retriceand make something happen.

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