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write an essay about FRIENDSHIP 10 paragraphs can someone write for me im out of words today -3-

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i can't write the essay for you but i can help give you ideas on what to write about. This is a relatively easy asignment.
can u give me a site or something to search about :)
what are the requirements for this essay? is is based on research?

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Other answers:

hmm i think its on your own words -.-
ok, well just write about what you think friendship is. you could write about your own friends, what you do together, how you know that y'all are friends. You can talk about what responsibilities friends have to each other and how you help each other out. you can talk about different kinds of friendship, eg. family members can be friends, pets can be friends, teachers, etc. You could mention a time when a friend helped you or when you helped a friend. there's a lot you can write about. as far as i know, there are no limits to this essay so you could really expand on each idea
The challenge here will be to write about friendship in a unique way, one that isn't like every other essay the instructor will read, so perhaps the best way to approach it, since it seems you have the latitude to be personal, is to speak personally. If it is that you've had a friendship that exceeds all others, for reasons that only you can express because you know why this individual you are/were friends with made such a magnificent friend, then that could be your story (your essay). And if it is that you haven't had such a friendship - - but have longed for it - - then this could be an essay about how you, specifically, would "create" the ideal friend if you had the opportunity. I think the second option could be pretty amazing. And here's another idea. If it is that you haven't yet had an "ideal" friendship, and you write about that, what if you imagined such a friendship, wrote it like it was true, real, like it had actually happened with a specific person that you give a name and physical and psychological characteristics to make her/him REAL. Talk about an experience you had together that was THE best, that was so memorable because of the unique bond you shared with each other. _THEN_, at the end, you reveal it is only a dream, a great-desire for that person - - and that it never really happened. It could be most poignant, most moving.
Also, I forgot about this: It could result in an attention getter -- and/or it might become a part of the conclusion - - or a quotation (or two) in the body. I don't suggest that the quotations be the whole essay, but they could illustrate ideas you already have about friendship or even help you examine your own ideas about friendship. Another thought: comparing the concept of friendship (and its responsibilities and expectations between friends) within different cultures -- which can vary. With the minimal directions, you have lots of choices. (Happy Writing.)
you want me to write you one
Although numerous people define friendship in different ways I define it as loyalty, trust, and acceptance between people. In order to form a friendship with someone a person must be loyal to them, and the favor will be returned. This means that no matter what, a friend is always there for them, even in the darkest of times. A friend is willing to give them advice when they’re faced with a predicament, and they’re always willing to do the same. When they have a bad day, a good friend is there to cheer them up and make them smile again. Secondly a good friend must be trustworthy. When someone tells another person a secret, they are trying to prove how trustworthy their friends are. But when someone breaks this trust, the friendship is typically broken or badly damaged. Thirdly, in order to be a friend a person must be able to accept others for who they are. They need to be accepting of who the person is on the inside instead of just the out. A good friend is also never afraid to do something brainless with his/her friends when they’re just looking for a good time. In conclusion, numerous people define friendship in different ways, however I define it as loyalty, trust and acceptance of others
your welcome but you will have to finish the rest see ya) =) and good luck

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