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Songs & thoughts [[2014]]// Im a Musican/Songwriter/Rapper

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At vero eos et accusamus et iusto odio dignissimos ducimus qui blanditiis praesentium voluptatum deleniti atque corrupti quos dolores et quas molestias excepturi sint occaecati cupiditate non provident, similique sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollitia animi, id est laborum et dolorum fuga. Et harum quidem rerum facilis est et expedita distinctio. Nam libero tempore, cum soluta nobis est eligendi optio cumque nihil impedit quo minus id quod maxime placeat facere possimus, omnis voluptas assumenda est, omnis dolor repellendus. Itaque earum rerum hic tenetur a sapiente delectus, ut aut reiciendis voluptatibus maiores alias consequatur aut perferendis doloribus asperiores repellat.

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Everytime i get the chance i loose my cool, and i blow. i get all togue tied lost in your eyes, i Should've kissed you i should how of told you just how i feel. The next time i wont Stop ill listen to my heart. What i feel is Real. I should`ve kissed you. So many ways and reasons, i wanna be more than friends. Every where i go i see beautiful people. dont you know your beautiful? live your life, its your life beautys deep inside you dont let them bring you down girl. Its our time its our moment.....
“That's the thing about girls. Every time they do something pretty, even if they're not much to look at, or even if they're sort of stupid, you fall in love with them, and then you never know where the hell you are. Girls. like dagg. They can drive you crazy. They really can.”
I LOVE the song NICE job

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I cant stop missin you, wish i was still with you. miss the way we kissed, miss the way your heart blows up. Miss the way you put your make up on even know you never needed it girl. Miss the way you loved me too much, Its everything about you baby. Do you have someone in your life? becuz i cant get you out of my mind. I want 2 erase this but i keep seeing your face.
This is for girls who have the tendency to stay up at night listening to music that reminds them of their current situation. Who hide their fears, hurt, pain and tears under the smiles, laughs and giggles on a daily basis. The girls who wear their heart on their sleeve. The girls who pray that things will work out just once and they'll be satisfied. The girls who sceam and cry to their pillows bec ause everyone else fails to listen. The girls who have so many secrets but wont tell a soul. The girls who have mistakes and regrets as a daily moral. The girls that never win. The girls that stay up all night thinking about that one boy and hoping that he'll notice her one day. The girls who take life as it comes, to the girls who are hoping that it'll get better somewhere down the road. For the girls who love with all their heart although it always gets broken. To girls who think it's over. To real girls, to all girls: You're beautiful.
Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart...Love the questions.. Like locked rooms and books that now written in foreign tongue. Do not now seek the answers , which cannot be given to [you] because you will not be able to live them. And the point is , to live everything. Live the questions now.! Perhaps you will then gradually, with-out noticing it , live.. in to the answer.
We should go to hollywood and live like stars tonight. You shine so bright and you're so fly you can be my shooting star tonight. If I had one wish I would give it to you. You being in my life is already a dream come true. I dont know what you do but it has to be magic. If you werent in my life that would be tragic. I showed you life, love, and even pretended not to care about you so I could show you lost" I know what you're thinking "but at what cost?" When you arent around I lose my mind. Truth be told you're one of a kind. You're a permanent stain on my brain. You are a beautiful shelter from the rain. You are my inspiration. Just the thought of you sends my brain on vacation. I think I need rehab because you are my addiction. I think I need drugs because you're also my affliction
WOW I have no words...... the songs are great
Thank you :)
wow u can dance too XD OMG
This is pretty good.
Awesome!! Wow.
Crazy... I'm speechless.
No problem :)
@BausIsh101 @zordoloom check it out CHECK MY VIDEO OUT ALSO:)
I can't watch youtube videos in school. Sorry.
Your amazing <33
Thanksss @BausIsh101 :)
@lolly check dis out girl
woooow..those are good!:)
Thank you very much check the video out??
those are really good
thank you @Sierra<3
love the video (:
Nice! My bro produces music maybe if ur interested!
Yeah dude, i write stuff down & sometimes i just freestyle,
These are amazing!!
Thank you :) @californiagurl9 am blown away :)
well thank you alot:)
This girl makes me crazy. Her lips are soft, like a flower. Her eyes are deep like the sea. When she smiles, happiness is unleashed every, your beautiful in so many ways girl. from your head to your toes.
wasn't aware that was how I felt, either, until it was out. And now that I've said it like that, I'm not exactly sure it is how I feel. But this isn't a piece of paper I can crumple up and throw away. they aren't words I can cross out to start over. Now they're out, and I know they'll hang here, between us.
:O <3
*no words*
My friends say I'm a fool to think that you're the one for me, I guess I'm just a sucker for love. 'Cause honsetly the truth is that you know I'm never leaving, 'cause your my angel sent from above. Me and you can do no wrong. My money is yours give you a lil more 'cause I love ya, love ya. With me girl is where you belong...That's the thing about girls. Every time they do something pretty, even if they're not much to look at, or even if they're sort of stupid, you fall in love with them, and then you never know where the hell you are. Girls. like dagg. They can drive you crazy. They really can. today,yesterday,tomarrow will never change the feelings i have for you, but ... i want to be more than friends..Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart...Love the questions.. Like locked rooms and books that now written in foreign tongue. Do not now seek the answers , which cannot be given to [you] because you will not be able to live them. And the point is , to live everything. Live the questions now.! Perhaps you will then gradually, with-out noticing it , live.. in to the answer.
omg so good boo:)
great songg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thankk you both @latremese40
@mikaa_toxica13 check it out
Very sweet song choices! I share your likes. lol. Nice job on the ones you wrote as well. (: Keep it up! :D
I love your lyrics! You're soo talented :)
I just realized.. the last one is a mix of the lyrics to Love me by JB and words from Zayn Malik.
Why was this bottled up inside of you until now? cuhrazyyyy mayne. Post more!!!
Ive been chasing my dreams in the fast lane for a long time, never thought of it till now but that’s how I feel, like I got my eyes on the prize and im not giving up, haters hate but ima rise at the end, I do what I do for 3 people GOD, My mother, and Me, Myself & I. Don’t hate & discrimnate just becuz your not me, do you, be yourself don’t be a follower & defintely don’t trend on other people. Rap about me. Tired of people talking pellet If you cant can on my level Don’t try to catch up Back up Ive done things that are unheard of People always got something to say Everyday watch the flutter out Going to the top get off my block Rappers talk about shit less that matters Just so the get make a buck Like what the fuck you think your cool You sound like a fuckin fool rapping about chicks calling them featheres Fuck people, and fuck everything I do I wake up not to inpress anyone Doing me to the fullest , im white and you might think im wack just cuz I don’t fuckin rap black. Get back I show you shit you never seen , done things that are unheard. I got my own style, swag and personality. Im incredibablity the best from the rest No words can combine what im about to say I can take you anywhere starting out with this , its all I can say Yeah I like dem chicks if you think im gay your wrong, ill take your retriceto the florida bay they got beautiful girls everywhere you look I try so hard everyday to make myself have a life But take a fuckin quick look Im straight as it can be White as hell but I got shit on my brain Its hard to keep sane Being growing up in hard times Economy rough im not trying to seem buff with my lyrics there just the truth Like babe ruth running around them bases Look at me in my face What do you see? I feel lonely but that’s just me Feel like people say shit they know nothin about But that’s life people judge you even if they don’t know you I don’t give a fuck that’s a fact jack I live for the nights that I cant remember, with the people that I wont forget So just look me in my eyes you see im one of a kind But with an amazing mind Just come find me , im just takin Life is a gamble an im all bout my poker chips I see no changes, All I see is racist faces that discrimnate about every race, misplaced hate makes disgrace for races we under, I wonder what it takes to make this one better place Don’t get me started about the war were fighting I really think the war on terror is a bunch of bullshit. Just a poor excuse for you to use up all your bullets, not tryin to sound mean or rude but this political officals take this money like it’s a handout, im stop talking about this chitchat because you wont even understand , that dumb fuckin gland mind broken Now I move with aggression, use my mind as a weapon because chances are never given they took them like interceptions. But come on this is no joke so stop lookin at me like im crazy, my eyes are just alittle hazy, Life is life you it can be a blast but most of the shit is gonna be in the past Im moving quicker then reggie bush, smokin on that kush Mutherfuckers lookin but I don’t see them See me feel me No? well then get out my way , I don’t have a time & a day for you then People talk but they cant back it up, cuz I ball on them like lebron & kobe When I’m in the mood, I start flowing at a faster pace I will lyrically assassinate, any one in the way of my masterpiece I got to create, to devastate careers of each and every emcee I leave them in tears, if they start to test me Now adays it seems as if rap is at an all time low So just sit back and listen as the greatest of all time flows Just to set things clear, my style aint the ones of a juvenile Its beauty-foul, to see about 10 thousand crowds Who aint booing me out, when I deliver rhymes I rock you from your liver to your spine Leave you froze in the spotlight, unable to spit another line Got you unable to speak like Papadoc, in 8 mile Watch as emcees freeze, drop to they knees with they fake style I’m the last one on this pla-net you wanna test My rhymes get delivered like federal express And UPS, going door to door, shipping my tapes Rappers, cant wait till I give them a break It seems like we need to talk about shit that matters like Biggie & tupac Now were left with these bums fuckin this is no fun I got the rhythm like a snake’s got the venom Dollars in this business is wicked, I’m out to get em Call me Winston, Like Dallas, the one with the rowdiest flow My rhymes so hard they start to break the chalice on your toes I got more flows, then you probably got ideas I rock drop top beamers, you rock them five seaters I got my adidas, what you got to rock? I might go fist to fist but never glock to glock Only if you’re my arch enemy, my lyrical ability Shows in my delivery, I conduct flows like a symphony Hoes trying 2 get with me, rappers goin for the cash I leave them lost in the past like they was history My rhyming techniques will leave emcees stressed for weeks They all think they the best, it’s hard to accept defeat Unless it’s coming from me, then they all hale I rhyme like I’m black, but my skin is all pale Word on the street, is beef, I should have been updated Like they trying 2 tell me my technology needs 2 be upgraded Like I haven’t been rocking this game, since back in the days When MC’s was rocking high socks and them chains I remember, them cold Decembers, when I was rocking old leather Those was no Septembers, some was gold diggers, but I’m a gold getter The mouette got me set, when I was rocking different blocks and sets I was receiving lots of checks, lots of fan mail My rhymes form different shapes like play do, never made a crack sale never sold ya-yo But I learned the business through the game, watched MC’s blood spilling through they veins, the pressure they could not maintain I understood that we was all living through this pain Some was greater than mine, but I stayed focused on creating my rhymes Stayed away from crime, different punch lines was always on my mind My freestyle was sharp and on point like thumb tacks To my surprise some blacks could not come up with come backs For my punch lines got you feeling like you running out of time I got everybody in the right mind staring through the lines Trying to write rhymes I’m writing rhymes like it was my destiny Composed of many lines, that form my lesson sheet God, may the soldiers that died by the weaponry rest in peace Give them the most heavenly eternity, let them be released Let them breathe a breath on me, like they was right next 2 me And like a surgery or vasectomy I know you heard them well What type of murder will it take to keep them from burning in hell? And will the question still be, is it double jeopardy? I want the elements that I invent to rock permanently I want to create new rhymes, go through a new type of pregnancy Like I was giving birth to a seed that will never be Alive, I wanna survive so that the jealousy towards emcees Makes them envy me, will the question be? When is the day of reckoning? Try to reconcile The time trial of being a juvenile, they was saying you was to wild The life style was bru-tal, then you out, trying to find a new route And no doubts, is coming out yo mouths, rhymes is getting more foul Time is out, you about to roll out, maybe head up north or go south To see your aunt Jean, no matter how rough the scene, I always it kept it clean It seems that I’m a microphone fiend, through lines, I’m reminiscing on old times Trying to write rhymes Don’t test me, cuz there aint no telling wat I might do next When I recite rhymes, they shoot right through vests Through your mind which stores your rhymes I’m about to explore, give me any beat, I’ll break it down to the core I come equipped with lyrics that stress MC’s They all mad, cuz I’ve reached a point where the rest can’t be I got it made, like Special Ed did back in the day I aint like all the MC’s rapping for air play Listen to the different descriptions as I flip scriptures The rhymes I deliver will help ya get the big picture Cuz my lyrical comprehension is in another dimension The shit I kick will turn your mind in a different direction When I recite rhymes, they immediately hit MC’s My rhymes spread like a disease, if they aint got Tricks up they sleeves, when I have full advantage My rhymes do the most damage, but no matter what I’m laying in a cut like a bandage, when I catch wreck, I’m quick to get you wet Just to let you know what I felt, ima wrap this rap up but it is what it is
DANG once again i have no words do u come up with this on yo own???
yeahh. of course
gawshh. ahhhmaaazzinnngggg
thanks hola.
I love writing songs ^.^ oh wait. you weren't talking to me. lolololol
@hola? haha i ll make you a song if you want?
oh my gawsh. yes. omg.
just found out I'm not your fan yet):
Revalationz $hit is Lookin tight oh boy chill, u wanna deal when i give it to u real your heart wouldn't even heal n break ya seal, cuz it's like a prayer wheel for real, ma intimacy appeal is ego ideal it revealed,by lord privy seal need some help with your bars just see mine I'm an angel that makes things creamy ain't dreamy, cos ma flow is steamy you gay wingspans think you can rap all freely. better not step 2 me thats a fact belive me this pellet aint easy ya people better hear me I am the bullet in your gun, the feeling thats still to come. And ima remain fightin till the war is won. this shit is still a offical so gentlemen pull out ya pistols I will lodge a bullet in the side of ya brain knock you out unconcouis so you wont fell any pain ya be sitting there twitiching felling like a headless chicken the tasty shit ya eaten when its all bruised and beaten Oh! Your all like flour One puff an your gone like powder More money the more power believe Tricks up my sleeve carful I dnt sneeze blow Flour away you guys talking shit on me need a walking stick So how the flutter you running shit I get high an do anything to get by Catch a bullet get a dot like terminators eye Hold on i got something i think its a bowl Smoke that bud all day long Maybe hit it from a bong toke toke till you choke Filler up with smoke Pack a bowl Or start to roll Today we Blaze and tomorrow's a haze. Its time we feed that need for weed. My vocals vandal, lick the wax off my candle as a sample, stock up on tampons, my verses haunt you like a phantom, I spit so much fire your ashes incinerated, when im done with you you gun be obliverated, My sins are created by the way that i say it, My raps are hot and yours are cold, Mine are so nice they make your mind explode, When my mind unfolds, the truth is told, Its that you like guys, And You like to blow, Im the best, I got style, Ill leave you lost with out words like papa doc on 8 mile
fixed it. ^.^
That's sick you should check out some of my stuff.
Tired of girls being disrespected. Stop callin dem featheres Cuz if you don't ima stick ya with my fists I already wrote I nice rap till the pellet got lost And didn't reconnect Shit does not matter Ima do it my way or no highway Live my life to succed with this owletets hating All the do is come home and roll it it With there bong so long I'm out here gettin focused on the future While you out there getting introuble with crime Dumb muthafluttera go get a job Oh thats right you don't know You lazy retricedon't commit to labor like i do You Pick something ,try it out & put It down two minutes later Gonna head to top n Neva gonna stop Tryin to beat me might wanna take a seat Cuz ima be at this all night I rap tight Might slightly fight you in another words You can't rap at all Shut you down while I'm elevating on all of y'all I don't know what you said becuz I'm in your bed with ya girl Oh my fault your gay but anyways Ima take you to da Florida bay They got ladies everywhere I'll rap at your own pathetic game anywhere You don't have anything on me If you would like to know u can journey into my ill mind Or can just stand still thinkin of your dumb ass comebacks Tired of this chitchat It's wack and just for a fuckin fact Your fuckin breath smells and I think you need a tic tac Hittin on your girl like it's a kickback You can't say anything I flip on you in all ways Save it for another amateur that has time and a day I have more Money then your whole future What do you have nothin at all but a dime This shits fine Coming up with words that combine Like your girls big behind And shes like damn your so fine I say yeah babe your my fav I like it when we do it I think your wingspan thirsty Or might likely you got herpes Ima get a blunt roll it up Bake it up take it up When we in da bed I make ya do it like it's man labor I could tell u in all ways But all I can say is I rap fast just to make the shit last I lace up my nikes Just to see your face light up Brand new only if u knew Cost 200$ dollar a pop But you know I bought them at da spot People be hatin cuz I got alot of swag Make dem fagots mad Then we Have a rap battle I feel sad Why my pants sang off Cuz I'm rapping my ass off Flip flop floppy foe got your ass Using it for bait for fishing fir this tasty ass bass Can't see ya face Cuz were not on the same bases Just cuz I'm white does not make me wack cuz I'm rapping and I'm not black. Look at Eminem, MGK, Mac Miller the best of the best then the rest don't test me because I became A freak of nature that all the kids stare at Saying fuck school I'm dropping out like a miscarriage -^J.R3V@LA+IONz
you are so good
Sittin here kicking it back Think about pellet on my brain I want a girl I could care less if she had a big behind The only thing that matters If we get in this relationship she does take this As a game Im not saying this just for fun I being dead honest I'm gonna be a man I have a future with a plan Just let me say if I wasn't going to be faithfulnor whatever people say these days I can just say I can go to the Florida bay But the only one I want is u from the rest Ima Try to be the best man possible But logically in a relationship It counts two So don't get mad if you don't talk about your feelings to me and I'm gone I'm not gonna be sad cuz I waited too long and now I'm gone That's all I got to say This is the only way for you to make it ring a bell in your ears If you can't hear your brain cells they might be going I don't know what happen to us Feel like we lost the vibe but can't get utmost my mind All the time we spent you took it for granted I'm gone and this song is almost over Soon to be moving forward with a better life Just to let you know I was kind And I'm one of a kind your never find
MAN u are just fantasic with music i nedd that kind of skill
Aint nothing in this world can try to affect mine I write new lines, and try to do it better the next time There aint no stress, when I’m rocking the vest I just hope a homie on my block don’t put a glock to my chest I got the ruggedest style that ya never even heard of Come to my block, check the burners homies is stressed cuz the murder I just keep it clean, I make my own scene Cuz I’m only doing this rap thing to get more green But the real passion, might sound old fashioned Cuz where I’m from there aint no relaxin Homies rolling dice, hearts colder than ice The ones who paid the price is more than just nice My lyrical concept type of questions got you guessing How can I test the best, or make an impression When I write rhymes, blueprints fill the lines When I’m in the lab, all other thoughts clear my mind And yo son, I’ve defeated the best over 100 times Eh yo, why need a gun when I got my mind?
you need to be famous.
Nobody's perfect. If everyone was the same we would not have people that are so unique in difference ways I'm just gonna say things change you can find the soulution or answer on bing, you have to live into the moment & maybe one day ur live to find the right calculation.!/J.Revalationz, IF YOU WANNA JOIN MY FAN PAGE OR WHATEVER THERE YOU GO.
says page not found D:!/jlongSwag
Man I'm starting to hate rap But if the shoe fit's, wear it I've become a freak of nature all of kids stare at Walk around bumping raw, with the pellet blaring Saying 'flutter school' and dropping out like a miscarriage I'm embarrassed, and I'm ashamed I played a part in this devilish game, Making ya common sense perish, But I ain't taking the full blame, Cuz most of you chumps running around here ain't never had strict parents. All of your brain cells rotting from weed, Feeling like if you ain't got it life's not as complete. You having sex with every mother fucking body you see, With a past so dark, that Satan would jump out of his seat. Still you out on these streets, thinking you as hot as can be, Without the knowledge to lead, So you just follow the sheep. Making sure your name and swag is all polished and clean, While your favorite is like 'Yeah he got it from me'. You've been brainwashed, by a fake life that you're used to living When I say fun, What do you envision? Prolly drinking and smoking out with your crew and chillin, with clueless woman you trying to bang Bump, a new addition. Is that all you think life really is? Well if so... , Then you're a fucking idiot. I honestly feel like grabbing you're head and hitting it, Matter fact you don't even deserve a brain... GIMME IT!. Do you even have any goals, Aside from bagging these hoes and packing the bowl, Well lemme guess... NO! You're only in school, because you're parents made you go, And all you do is play beer pong and hang out with your bro's. Yo, society has got you living for a whack cause, You're a fucking adult with no skills AT ALL! You don't read any books or play ball, You don't draw you literally do nothing AT ALL! Still you fiend for the glamorous fruits, You don't have because you idolize rappers that do. And all they say is 'I got money and it's stacked to the roof', And now you think it's just going to magically happen to you... HOW? Yo lazy retricedon't commit to labour, You pick something up, try it out and put it down two minutes later. And then you complain about your life because it ain't getting catered, Now who ever trys to call you out on your bullshit's a hater? You wanna succeed, you have to try. Or one day you'll get older and regret it all because you can't provide. Your friends are low lifes, don't act surprised. Look, just cut the bad fruit off of the tree, make the sacrifice Girls, Stop acting like you want a guy with trait's like Romeo, You always talk about how 'every man's fake, And you can't take it, and you want something real'. Shut up, tramp save it. Twice a week you put on you're make up and damn places, From here to the club, half naked with ya ass shaking. Pulling a low life owletet, who claim he cash making. So you let him hit, find out he work at the gas station. One of them sleek-feathered ones got you pregnant, and you can't raise it But you caused it, your action's made a fat statement. You want romeo then act patient, And stop frontin' like he in the club, posting in the back waiting. It's the club, where the guys put on a new persona, They go to looking for beautiful, brainless, featheres like you to bone them. Then when they leave you, you cry and cry; Talking about 'OMG, OMG I can't find a guy, It's been so many years and I've tried and tried, Why am I even on earth? I should die! ' You want romeo?, You're not worthy. You're wingspan thirsty, nasty and probably got herpes. Sometimes the secret to find, Is to stop searching. Try a new formula, Because your last ones not working The term real person is publically used, And I need to know what it means because I'm fucking confused. Are you one? For always busting your two, with nothing to lose and something to prove, the homies up in your crew. Is it because you're selling drugs to get loot?, And brag about how you been shot and stabbed like it's fun to be you? But your life is a struggle, and you're just hustling through. Nah you hamster ass faget, you just stuck in a LOOP. Man, why do white people gotta be the only ones who can't evolve?, Because you in the streets acting like neanderthals. It's clear that you can't stand the law, And all you interested in is fighting, rapping and basketball. I can't even fuck with you, because if we out in public, He gon' get caught stealing some shit, and get my ass in trouble too. You get old and be nothing, living life in these streets, Thugging and starting shit with anybody mean looking. Look at you, a real faget thinking you're lifes cool. Girls used to turn me down, for guys who were like you. 'Till you grabbed their heart and shoved a spear head right through, Then they regret it because it wasn't the right move. You're real loser talk seems bogus, A real person don't brag about being real as long as he knows it. And his future doesn't seem hopeless, A real kid stays out of jail, handle shit and he keeps focused. So all you rappers who soul is out in the wrong, you inspired the issue I wrote about in this song. You go to, who roam around in the slums, this is what happens when rap is overcrowded with bums. Hope the hour is long when I'm rolling out with your tongue The man above is my guide, you know my power is strong. All you menacing freaks, only in it for cheese and the mass control limit was breached. FUCK HIP-HOP! They only in it for cheese, and any eye witness can see. They purposley making the innocent weak, my exsistance on this planet's for you. I ain't only here to benifit me, yo we need to make a change while there's still time. It is hard, and at times I struggle trying to reveal mine. I can guide you if you feel blind, I just need you to be willing to journey into my I'll Mind. MADE by HOPSIN hes amazing as hell
You are amazing with music! These <3
Thanks everyone:))
This is my comment and now you gotta make me a songggg ^.^ about... anything, i quess?
thats soooooo cute
Awesome! Really cute!!! <3
awwwww thats super cute i love it <3
Aye Aye Hola sup you seem nice , dont know what to say but right now ima look you in your eyes i can see your unique more than me, the thing is life is all about living to the fullest, trying to say things, but there is too much too say & not enough to tell. im just young & trying to get it, like you are so beautiful and your name is cute:) @hola?
At iloveyou<3 Aye you seem nice all im gonna say is like this, you seem kool im not trying to be a fool or a creep but i think we should talk more , feelin like we got more to sat to eachother, you seem like you a cool chick
@Alyx_da_Boss I dont know what to say girl, your beauty is oof of the charts, your eys are quite stunning we should talk more for sure, alright dis for u, you one of most beautiful girls , so sweet, so sexy, and just so fine, u da kinda girl on every mans mind, even on mine i cant even lie, cause i dont know i feel like i can fly it aint no lie u just so sick,so ill to perfection got guys saying dam this chick is harder than my di**, finer than Kim kardashion controls guys mind like its a kind of voodoo cause thats how she do, she was born wid a curse she had to live with, that curse is beauty and dont u forget it.
Thanks hahaha Thats Niiiiice <3 really awesome
@Bubbles<3 Aye sup girl lookin good as always :) , Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. THAT'S relativity. like thats how i feel when i talk to chicks that are beautiful such as you . All im tryin say girl is your beautiful :) haha
Bout to make a new rap hold on.
Everyone got a reason to be in this life im trying to see mine going through every season , fall winter spring. Never knew how far i would be able to go , but im never gonna give up & thats for sure. People hate but i cant wait to show all of them ima be the best then the rest, people talk alot but they cant do it like me and thats fact jack, im 17 lookin fresh as always , thats a habit 24/7 on a daily bacis, what can i say i ball hard, tryin to keep sane with everything on my brain , im jsut an average guy chasing his dream in the fast lane.
You are so Amazing!!! They are so Nice (:***
thanks @katie
OMG John.. Love it!
thanks Bri7ski
I know that this storm wont last. My heart is stuck in the past, this too shall pass. Love can be evol and freedom ain't free. Look me in my eyes and tell me what you know about me. You dont know nothing but my name. You dont know how many nights I cried, all the obstacles I overcame. My name is John AKA Lil_JRockie Aka J-Revalationz and im here to stay . I had my pain washed away in the rain, from this day forth I swear I will never bethe same. Forget being meek, I swear I wanna speak. I lost too much by standing in the shadows. The haters havent won the war, nor have they won the battle. Look for me in the sky, I'm about to spread my wings. I can't quit now, I overcame so many things. Heartbreak, headache, tears, and eviction. This is a true story, my vision is non-fiction.
OMG your good you just made my poems look small haha i love it your good plus you can dance thats an advance haha ur music beautiful MUAAHH bravo!! lol ^_^
all i can say is wow you are amazing! ... lol make me a song? xD :D
i would ask you for a song aswell but i dont want to add to the work you already have
ill think about yall;)
okay haha i love your songs tho there really nice i kept reading them haahaa
good work
I wake up with a new passion to the game, i could care less about the fame. I just want to influence others but fu** this people hate & i work hard just to make a dime there aint nothing can stop me. im going to the top My mind is the track yo check the sh*t I rap, all you fake mc's got nothen on that, wake up in the morning n I'm on that snap back, my life mang this is where I'm at, go hard as I have to cuz im livin for that so if you out here just tryna get by you better look alive bitc*** if you wanna survive i got sh*t to prove n ima do it dead or alive.
good one also thats ur talent
I was to lazy to read all of that x _ x but by what I see you seem to be good so good job brotato
i will text u tonight @longswag27 dont forget to leave ur phone on for me talk to u later
srry typeo i meant @jlongSwag27
and if yall want to text me tonight ask me in messages
let’s go I don’t know where to go I’m lost in this flow lost in the game lost in the feeling lost in my name life will never be the same I lost what I had I would do everything in the world just to get her back and as I think about my life and my past I realize I will always be a screw up and come in last see I’m not the best nor I will ever be I’m just another kid chasing a dream but as I see who you’re trying to be I notice this isn’t really me I notice that life is just a joke I don’t want to hate no more after we spoke after u told me that I’m not enough but that was the past, vie changed I try to stand tough I try to hold it in The feelings The life you never knew about me The way I am The dream I’m chasing The L-O-V-E I have for you is undeniable and with a passion trying not to let go of whats deep within me I know we can never be so please say you feel the same the day we meant Vibe was everything I know you don’t and its ok ill promise I will go away and I finally here watt your trying to say I’m sorry but I can’t change my ways I’ve done what I can to help you stay I’m sorry things will never ever be the same and as I think of what it could have been my tears flow out of me like the days we spent together I’ve held them in and I know can never be good enough for u but tell me baby tell me what I have to do tell me what I have to say to make all this pain go away I’m sorry that I fell in love ill give urn heart one last tug ill give u one last shove and tell you I can be enough here you tell me that love is rough here you tell me u have no love for me not many people do u see so for you to say that it hurt me and for u to tell me it’s over again I’m starting to wish it never began so ill try with this last line ill make it quick cause I know your running out of time I love u and I hope u see the things that u make of me I’ve known u for a long time and u know how hard I try with my rimes u know how much time I put in a single line but I noticed maybe it was the way u were sitting maybe it the way u watched me spitting maybe it’s the way u were smiling maybe it’s the way u were lying when I told u I loved you you freaked out u told me to shut my mouth and knock that love out u told me to keep my heart locked I thought u were the light to my dark but I guess I was wrong that why I’m writing this song to remind u wt u could have had all along u look at me and tell me to go kill myself I tell u love u more than myself u reject me over and over every single time I just want u to know this is the last time I waste my life trying to find my place I’m sorry but this is not my fate I love u but u just say no in my face u scream at me till there just no space in my heart to show u how far if u were to see it all u would only see is scars and maybe open wounds to blance it out I cant believe these words are combining out of my mouth but I only I have one more thing to say I love u & your always be my first love of my lifetime the spirit of your beauty the soul of your heart the life that I want more than anything the flow I have just comes the light to go the fight to know where were going to stand Everything else does not matter just you in my life is all I needed I’ve grown and moved on You were my first love I will never forget That's all I got to say This is the only way for you to make it ring a bell in your ears If you can't hear your brain cells they might be going I don't know what happen to us Feel like we lost the vibe but can't get you out my mind All the time we spent you took it for granted I'm gone and this song is almost over Soon to be moving forward with a better life Just to let you know I was kind And I'm one of a kind your never find
really good song
im blowed away. thats really good!
thankss girlss
i love it wow i have never said that to a raper :)
Wasn't looking for trouble, but it came looking for me I tried to say no but I can't fight it she was looking lovely She kinda reminds me of a girl I know This pretty young thing that I got waiting for me back at home he's got my engines turning this happens every time I see a pretty girl and I wanna make her mine They send my rocket to the sky I want them Girls Girls Girls I just can't say no Never see them coming I just watch them go Girls Girls Girls I just can't say no Never see them coming I just wa-wa-wa-wa-watch them go Take control, making me sweat girl run that show Looking like a model making me stare All them pretty girls are standing right there Doing that thing it's just not fair How come all the pretty girls are up in here Looking like a model making me stare All them pretty girls are standing right there Doing that thing it's just not fair How come all the pretty girls are up in here Let me talk to you baby ima make you feel wanted ima take you anywhere we can fly together All i want is you cuz thus relationship counts two you are on of a kind and always on my mind girl
Dayum that just great im blown:)
thanksss :)
yesh i think that all girls should have a guy like you
rapper and cute dayum...muah lol jk
*gasp* There amazing!
Told I wouldn't amount to nothing in rap on its worst day I had to go so I pissed on the game called it burst play Contractin' a contract then sqeezed out ya a birthday Flip this Blonde so she's a Brunette in the worst way It's like trying to control how the Earth's quakes A molten fire inside you've only had a first taste Ignite the surface and call it a, "Cursed Day." Set the world in fire, but it is a, "Cool," day Im in this rap game not for the fame Its my passion and i keep it like my A game Never made a crack deal made mistakes but never wanted to push myself down that rode forsuree i did things wrong but if you ask ill tell you about my life follow me like twitter you cant look my lifestory up on bing , been in this game for awhile. Im not famous i dont wish to be just a man with a plan attacking from all angles , i trap them till i win just cuz i curse in some of my songs does not make me like all them other rappers but it is a sin & i just like to prove a point but thats enough to say in my own way ima wrap this up just dont forget always follow ya dreams.
love ur songs
j.R3VAlALATIONz Its killed or be killed, time to reveal your skill, my stats are at the top when yours isnt even filled, i got no beans to spill, since your homosexuality is showing, my mortality is honesty, and continually growing going so fast, faster than sonic, change your tampon cause you bleeding on it. the memory remains, dont wanna be put thru the same games, cuz the last time i trusted a chickk we ended up in flames, me? iv done some searchin and prayin, hoping to find love cuz that sure would be re-juvinating, so when i look back, i dont feel like i'll hurl, cuz in the long run, you'll be just another girl, who fu
thats good jlongSwag27 i love all ur songs
one word*hmmm clears throat* TALENT!!!!!! AMAZIN :)
Thank you:) @Jenn777
YW :)
omg awesome cant explain the words lol thats great ;p
OMG you are amazing!!!
Thanks guys:)
Im on top of the world and Im feeling great Your the only reason im feelin straight I know already, I wanna like you we flirt, we talk, we text till 2 "dont fall hard, you'll only regret it" "oh no problem, dont you sweat it" Your standing there in your clique I just want to kiss you on your cheek, But your friends would stare, and give me a glare I can sense they dont want me there, "who is this boy, whos stealing our joy?" I recall a spider within your humble abode I should have gone, I could have rode you wanted me there, to run my fingers through your hair and tell you its alright, because theres nothing to fright But I didnt come, I stayed home like a bum It would have been fun, what we could of done But it was okay, saved for another day Then you vanished, you were gone for a week, we didnt chill, we didnt text, we didnt speak. I began to worry, the thoughts started to scurry what if she's mad? what if shes sad? what if she has grown a sudden detest? and for a week I couldnt rest. I couldnt sleep, I couldnt eat, I just felt incomplete. And then you returned, with good news galore you were grounded and you didnt ignore. I was relieved, but you had decieved you told me you liked me and this totally phsyched me. you gave me desire that I couldnt aquire "I dont know how to say this, but theres another guy" so its all been a lie! anger flowing through my veins the clouds cover and it starts to rain, the drops of sadness pound above my hall as I clench my fist and begin to crawl the music is pumping, and my heart is thumping I yell and scream, to blow off some steam my fist still clenched, my clothes are drenched my nausious stomach is being ripped and wrenched madness and sadness mix and mingle, oh how I hate being single my delirious mind leaves me furious, how she can be so spurious, I thrust the ball of flesh on the end of my arm it strikes the wall but does no harm, I swing again, it echoes the den, I feel my knuckles penetrate the membrane I must refrane from striking again, but my fist keeps moving, I dont know what im proving, I just keep punching, my knuckles are crunching the rage simmers my blood as I lay on my bed depleted a tear rolls down my cheek and I feel defeated, I need some air, this isnt fair. one in the morning I leave my house sneaking out as quiet as a mouse no shirt no shoes, no need to snooze I begin to sprint, and sprint I did I just ran and ran and then I hid, fatigue to the point of illness, laying on the road in utter stillness spending my time squandering and pondering over the girl that kept my mind wandering. Look at me now, I was on top of the world but things got swirled, twisted, and twirled. theres one thing to keep in mind S*** happens, and love is blind.
This one is my fva so far :)
....... have nothing to say but awesomee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you to all three of you:)
@meggy @blondie16 @SWAG Check it out
I really wanna hear you sing these :)
Im terrible at singing but ill rap them
Yea that sound gud :) cant wait to hear them hola at me when you do :)
thats really good(: amazing! that was an awsome catdaddy(:
u need to go internatinal.these are amazing !!!!!! :]
amazing (: great job!!
nice work :)
Thank you evabody new songs coming soon stay tuned:)
New video of me doing the Harlem shake solo , haha i got bored did it for fun DONT HATE;)
NEW LYRICS IN MY NEW SONG 2013: From the first time I met you I felt the connection and every second since then's been nothing short of perfection I adore every section that comprises you it's like you're an angel just disguised as you mesmerized every time that I can view your undeniable kindness that shines out from inside of you my eyes stay glued with you chance of moving when they glance at your enchanting beauty you've got a smile so soothing and a sweetness like peaches that reaches deep in my soul as my feeling increases i'll try to mend all the pieces of a heart been mistreated i'm not like the others the past won't be repeated I want to erase all the bad, and replace it with good help you escape from the pain, make you feel like you should cause I could never hurt a person so perfect you deserve the world girl any less isnt worth it these words don't do service in fully expressin what a blessing you are, you truly impress me i love caressing you back to help you go to sleep putting you at ease as you drift into your dreams i'm always right there with you no matter how far it may seem being apart isnt easy but it can work if we believe we bring out the best in each other, expect nothing less from each other both sent a message to heaven and requested each other there's no question in me that we were destined to meet now i dont want no one else except for my queen if there's anything you need then that's what i'll do cause i'll always be there for you through and through
omgg these r sooo good dam u can write
thank you:)
ur welcome :)
om gowishh ur still so good they never get old :)
All songs are crazy awesome! Any advice for getting passed writers block? Or do you not ever have a problem with that?
Wow your'e amazing
  • Ell
You are very talented. Love your work! Good job(:
lol why did you plagarize my work?
kidding haha
hAHA @Ab590
nice writing tho, lol:) @jlongSwag27 fan me lol
@jlongSwag27 u r an amazing writer!!!! u just struck the right cord....amazing dude!!
Real talk thanks yall @tester97 @shrutipande9
@amscasey Thought you might like this allie:) @jlongSwag27 Great job!! Your an amazing writer and dancer:) Hope you continue with this!
omg I love your songs!! They are so good! :)
2 you are my fire you take me higher and I cant deny her cause you making everything alright You are my fire you take me higher and I cant deny her and you know I need you in my life Early in the morning waking up to the beat its a good ol day got a kiss on my cheek feel like a boss so I get fresh dressed Dimed to the jim we aint havin that stress hold em like Im doing something getting paid Doing what I'm doing so you know I gotta play out my way So Take A Chance On Me And That's All That I Rest From Day One My Loves Been Waiting Here Just To Connect Respecting Your Wishes Wating For The Happy Day That I Could Say You're My Wife And That You're Here To Stay But I Pray As I Sing You This Poem I Wrote And If You Would Be A Flower I Would Call You A Rose Those Days Remember When I Straight Snuk Into Your House Late Night Telling You That I Loved Without A Doubt But You Told Me My Last Step Was Fast And Wrong Your Dad Wont Approve So Were Not Allowed To Get Along But We Stay Stronge Hopeing Things Would Change Being In A Lots Of Kinds Of Trouble But His Opions Never Changed Please Runawayand Let Me Take You With Me Dreams Of Reality Getting Rid Of All The Agony And Extasy Beleive In Me Give Me The Time To Romance And With The Thick And Thin All I Ask Is For A chance Im Still Here Hopeing That Your There Saying I Do Because I Love You Asking You To Forgive All The Games That I Played Holding Hands In The Park Remiencing On The Days Not So Far Away Let Your Feelings For Real Anit No Other Gurl Like You Cuz You Know The Deal About How I Feel So Please Take My Hand And Give Me A Chance To Be Your One And Only Man Did You Understand Listen You Make The Difference For Instance When Im Feeling Mystic Blue Your In My Presence Stop Reisisting These Bond That Joins Us Together Wherther You Give Me A Chance Im Here In Any Weather Better Be A Man Just To Tell It Like It Is Like In The Park In The Dark The First Kiss I Still Miss Hold Hands Back To Back You Heard I Was A Player But I Wouldn't Do You Like That 1 Dance So Wicked Advance Into The Future You Used To Have Hardship But Im Here With You Said Shut Down On This Merry Go Round Bernton Well Play In Hood So You Know The Sound Gangsters Get Around But Stragiht Up Decicated Always Stated If Yo Mind Would Be Different For Instance Think About Romeo And Juliet Put There Jersey Over The Puddles So You Wont Get Wet Neverless As I Step With This Ghetto Love Anit No Faking Or Falling Just Tell You Were Im From So Don't Run And Just Come Walk With Me I Think You Got Your Fools Mixed Up U Think Im Liying G Baby Roll With Me To The Break Of Dawn Cruising All Night Long While I Sing This Song Stay Strong But I Know You Think It Might Not Last But If You Never Open Your Arms And Move Upon This Chance i bounce to the store wheres the Don Diego what Im looking for Party time you the fine design without you girl my life would expire So sing to me baby Imma sing to you stay true to me lady, stay true to you uh best spot you will invade my mind and guess what you just my kind rain or shine you always got my back take me to cloud nine just like that.
Wow, you are just amazing. Keepwriting. :3 -Sam
Absolutely BEAUTIFUL @jlongSwag27

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