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Take a look at my New Poem! Hope this inspires you guys:)

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*THE THANKSGIVING DINNER* I swear life can change in the way people are living But sure I know that will refrian on this day of ThanksGiving I sure wish all of my friends the best, and hope they stay strong Because today its time to forget about all the bad things you done wrong Strangers and enemys and friends that gathered together I hope you listen to me now because it will only be for the better Theirs a big table ready for you guys so please take a seat Passing each potter around with delicous foods to eat Theirs Mac&Cheese and the pudding looks so swervy Ohh and never forget about the Grand prize*The Big Turkey* The smiles will never fade and the love for filling heaven I pray that no one will forget this dinner that was surved on Nov the 22nd:) ~Young Juice
Nice poem
Thanks !

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Other answers:

ths is the stuff man
Its Good ;DDD i like it
Nice bro!
omg so nice i love it i suk at writing poems
Writing poems is easy. All your doing if expressing your feelings, It doesn't have to rhyme either!
thanks ill try ill give u one and u tell me if its good...if u want?
Ok sounds like a deal!
pllz tell me wat u think
ok here it is: TEAR DROPS some timesi wana ask god why i cant cry i watch the teardrops fill my mommas eyes they hit me lilfe like a bullet shot i know the pain i caused in her life has to stop i would go to my knees and pray but i didnt know what to say - Joanna Ramirez thats all idk wat put next i started this awhile ago bt idk im thinking of this more
Its actually good!
seriously i dont think it that good it was a quick write
Well believe it or not it is! You should do it often!
really thanks haha ill try haha i just write stuff i need to let out
ill do more later k ttyl bye
i like it alot
good poem boo:)<3
ur welcome:)

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