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  • hba

I have created a portion where Everyones requested tutorial has been posted.I am starting with one and i have indicated in the post which tutorial i am starting i would appreciate if you guys would also make tutorials from the topics given in the post and indicate what tutorial you are about to start.Thanks in Advance.

OpenStudy Feedback
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So is this a feedback question or
no. it's just an explanation. This shouldn't be posted. :P

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Other answers:

  • hba
Well dear user,@amistre64 told me that if you have something which is off-topic please post it in the Open study feedback group.
lol I've heard different. xD I guess none of the mods communicate with each other.
  • hba
I think you have a little misunderstanding user.
lol you must have one, too. Now stop calling me user. I have a name.
I'm just stating what I heard, that this shouldn't be posted. But, you've heard different, so whatever.
Oh, and you can also stop acting like a mod, and that you're better than everyone..cause you're the lowest user here with the way you act. So get over yourself.
  • hba
User i know you have a lot of disregard for others.I never acted as a mod,trying to stop people for violating the CoC or posting off-topic question does not make me a mod.I do not care what you think i am,i am just working to make OS better by helping people solve their problems and to stop them for violating the CoC. -Hba.
lol there you go with that 'user'. And actually, I have other people who can say that you act like a mod all the time. And you're nowhere close. And posting off-topic stuff doesn't make you a mod, at least you're right about one thing. And that's what mods do, the way you talk to people and act in chat and on questions and such, you're acting like you know it all. So stop. Because no one really cares.
  • hba
@Agent_Sniffles We all know who tries to act like a mod. ^_^
Yes, and I have good reason. ;)
now we know which mod encourages the randomness in OSF eh @amistre64 ?
for the record... both @hba and @agent_sniffles act like mods....along with all the other new users around here who think mods are gods....
Like I said above, lgba, I have good reason to.
the means does not justify the end
@Agent_Sniffles what is ur reason to act as a mod?

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