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Birthday so, i heard it's yo birthday, we gonna party all day, and all night long, i hope u dont think wrong but im dancin with yo mom, i wish i could DARN!!, what you want for yo birthday? all i want is a fine sexy man. thats what you want yo birthday? well im right here! its been awhile since i appeared where up here? come&get near, but did you hear that i got bit in the ear on my birthday? please dont diappear.i have been waitin all my life what r u goin to have at my party? are you gonna chill with marty? but i really love harty tho!

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remember that day one day,when it started to rain? an to u i look so plain. then i started 2 babe took you out on a date thought that it was too late. for you to catch your other new mate! now that its yo birthday i wanna ask u one question. do u wanna be my babe? ill never treat you like a maid. i say not because im not your maid. is yo birthday&an i promise ill treat u right but what bout later in life? ill make you last forever its just me&u together <3 u babe you been with me thick an thin! we aint gotta play!! made by me!!!!!!!!!<<33
I like It:) Its Really good tho
lol thnak u i love it myself!!<3 im bout to ask sum people if they want me too make them one bout wat i think bout them

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Other answers:

lol i do tht sometimes on here..but it would be best if u wait later on because ppl r watchin the
yeahh like u lol :)
Yes mam:) but u can make one form me now since im on
oka give me a lil while lol
tell sum of ur frans too look at it cuz i wanna know if im dooin really good or not
@Terrell my heart longs for you, my soul dies for you, my eyes are for you,my empty arms reach out for you. that was badd but i dont know if u like just cuz i dont like it so im goin to be rite u another one later
ok lol atleast u tried
its no im goin to make another one later an post it tonight
u have a gift! you go girl, you write amazing! u should check out my stuff and maybe we could collab or something!
thank u an yess we can do that:)
im bout to post some more

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