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  • 3 years ago

xplain at least two events from John Adams’ presidency and two examples of his civic virtue.) IN YOUR OWN WORDS

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  1. Gabylovesyou
    • 3 years ago
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  2. Josuelito
    • 3 years ago
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    these r just notes but i hope this helps o Time with lots of issues o Great patriot • Not a likable man  He had to follow-up Washington o Had opposition in his own party • Hamilton undermined him o War with France • We were still their ally  French saw Jay’s Treaty as a violation • Seizing out merchant ships • Refuse to see our ambassador o XYZ Affair o Adams refused to bribe them • US got ready for war with Directory France  Adams doesn’t want war  We were in an undeclared naval war with France from 1798-1800 • Federalists wanted a war, Jefferson and Adams didn’t  Threat of war ended when Talleyrand met with ambassador  Napoleon and Adams ended the alliance in 1800 • No alliances for US until 1949  Federalists feared French threat o Also feared losing gov’t to republicans • Alien Law  Keep foreigners from undermining country • 14 years residency to become citizen o Don’t want aliens voting for Republicans  Allows president to arrest & deport aliens in “hostile times” • President could decide when times were hostile o Felt like dictatorship • Federalist Congress let him do whatever he wanted • Sedition Act  Sedition=treason • Seen as worse than murder • Aimed at “treasonous actions” o Defaming gov’t officials • Saying bad false things about them • Republicans kept getting arrested  Attack on the First Amendment • Congressmen were getting arrested for disagreeing with Federalists  Wrote it so it would expire if they were voted out of office  Some people supported it • Not many  Secret statements were papers written by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison • Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions o Just as dangerous as the Acts • The Alien and Sedition Acts violated the contract w/ people to protect liberties • Argued that it can be nullified in their states  Laws mean nothing  Worse than Articles  Led to South feeling they could secede

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