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any options besides IDLE for mac, it seems to crash sometimes?

MIT 6.189 A Gentle Introduction to Programming Using Python (OCW)
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If you're just looking for something basic (and even if you're not), TextWrangler ( is a must-have for any Mac developer and includes support for Python among many other languages. It's essentially a text-editor with syntax coloring, but you can also execute code from within the app. For a general IDE, you can go the Eclipse path if you're a masochist, but I prefer PyCharm ( It's not free, but the academic license is only $29 and there's a 30-day free trial to see if you like it. Finally, take a look at Dash in the Mac App Store (details at's an excellent offline API documentation browser (and code snippet manager) that includes support for the Python docset. It has both a free (nagware) and paid version. Have fun! Craig
You've got vi, what more could you want? All right, you have emacs and nano too. If you have Adobe CS anything, they have a pretty good plain text editor in Extend Script. You can install XCode which has a good general purpose editor.
I forgot to mention that TextWrangler is free.

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Other answers:

FYI, that textwrangler link is broken. Remove the close parenthesis. A good editor for various programming is Sublime Text 2. It has a number of syntax highlighting options, there are a number of extensions available to improve its performance as an IDE (things like linting), and it also has a python console built-in. Also, it's cross-platform.
Sorry, all the links are broken thanks to the way this site apparently parses links. Here you go: TextWrangler: PyCharm: Dash: Incidentally, PyCharm is also cross-platform.
I am in same camp as bdean20. I use Sublime Text 2 for pretty much everything. You can get it here:
Some tools to interact with python vim , eclipse (with pydev ) , textmate, ninja ide (new one i think)
Maybe you have enough answers already, but since no one mentioned it: you can run python interactively in a terminal window, which is I think one of the uses of IDLE, not just editing. Just type the command python and you are in the python shell, where you can try out all sorts of things and even get help, for example, at the prompt >>> type help(str) and see what you get. For writing python modules, any plain text editor will do, but if you don't have a favorite already, then Sublime might be a good choice. Many editors do syntax highlighting, but Sublime is getting to be very popular.

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