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hehe hiii :D
shall we begin ;)

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Other answers:

of course ;)
can you help me with linear functions?
just anything ;)
hmm okay first question, wait please ;)
1 Attachment
first of all in a linear function , there is no 2nd degree of variable, which means neither x can have power 2 nor y both will have power 1 and have a linear relation that means x and y will varry in a line so your answer is C can you tell me why?
because C doesnt have a second degree ? :/
in a linear function there will never be \[X^2,X^3....or Y^2,....\] which means there will be no higher degree term just power of x and y will be one so its equation C
hmm alright :)
amazing you are genius and don't make mistake in putting answer please
hehe okay i'll be sure this time! :D
so is a non-linear just the opposite of this?
yes, non linear functions never vary in a line the can be curvilinear like |dw:1354070045458:dw| the straight lines are linear but curves are non linear
hmm okay so non linears have second degrees of variables right?
but linears dont?
right , second or third or so on but not one
linear have degree one and non linear more than one
this will be a non linear question...
cool just shoot your question please
1 Attachment
you can answer easily come on tell me
is it B?
non linear can never have degree 1 , correct ;)
not sure :/
oh okay :D
next ?
It looks like D is correct because linear is just straight line, right?
1 Attachment
or it could be A.
when did you fall in love with maths godddd corrrect :)
hmm :D hehe well this is easy :D
it can't be A its D
whats a parabola again? :/
that curvy thing?
looks like an egg?
lol just kidding :D
well definition of parabola is kinda complex for you to understand but just remember all the quadratic equations are parabola , and yea the CURVY THING ;)
yes its like this |dw:1354070634140:dw|
hmm so can you give me an example of a parabola problem, how would it look like?
lets say you have an equation \[Y=4X^2+2X+3\] so its a parabola that would look like the one i have drawn above
post your question please
I think its A. ?
1 Attachment
lol sorry i mean B
oh come on silly, parabola can never have degree 1,3,5 its degree is always 2 baby
yes its B
hmm alright i understand now :) thanks :D
lol next :)
I think its C ?
1 Attachment
D !!
sorry again :D
hahaha very sweet yes its D lol linear will always have degree 1
hehe lol i should really look over it before i post :P
thanks :)
oh yea lol
next question quick ;)
is it A ?
1 Attachment
absolutely correct, i feel like you have already done this just you wanna fulfill duty hmmm i understand ;)
heheh whaat :D no i havent, first time ;)
okay next ?
is this correct? :)
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awesome , you're Einstein
hahaha no you are! by the way im done, thanks for helping me ;) :D
score must be 8 outta 8 now show me
alright wait please :)
hmm 8 outta 8 :) thank you :D
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hehe what are you doing ;) drawing? :D
awwww <3 <3 wow!!
congratulations for 8 on 8 awesome you did it :)
this is wonderful :) wow thanks baby :) :D your great :)
not like you :)
hehehe and how you know to write in russian, wow this is amazing :D
no really you are just amazing :) <3 <3
you will be amazed when i will talk in russian i know a lot but its secret lol and i am learning to be the best from moya agnyel ;)
aww thats great ;) im surprised wow! :D
its not that good come on ;)
hehe are you kidding ;) honestly you are better then me, i can only speak russian but not so good at writing, you are just awesome :D
stop it hehehe :)
hehehe noo sweetie you deserve it ;) your really wonderful :)
No way :) just learning from you :) BIKA hehehe
heheh ewww :P it sounds funny with american letters lol :D
not american its english lol
oops i mean english sorry :D american is not a language :P
you were writing this from so long
nope :D
lol next ??
i am finished :D
hmm lets get back ;)
where? :D
where you want to ;)
:'( :'( its been ages since i have been waiting i will be buried till your work comes out
sorry :D
come on :(
OMGGGG this is amazing here it is , mmmwaaahhhhh you could have written in russian ;) love you my baby
heheh i dont really know how to :(
are you kidding me lol
no :( well yes i can write ya lublu tebya and some other things but not a lot of things :(
shall we delete our posts moderators will kill you and me
aww okay i will teach you russian hehehe
okay :( go ahead :)
hehe yess sure you will be my russian teacher from now on lol :D
okay i will teach you so we are not deleting it okay? happy :)
alright :) whatever you say :)
hmm so lets get back there i was telling you something
ghazi my love
and in russian its ghazi moya lubov
hehehe yess :D
hehe wow thats correct ;)
see i know but its secret ;)
but howwww? :/
i cant tell you now but soon i will :) :D i know to write everything ;) its just i lag in vocab
hmm everything ? ;)
yes EVERYTHING ;) ;) let me write something
sure ;)
i am taking it off hope you've see and got message
ghazi they cant read russian they wont understand it :/
thank you <3 <3 :)
YW :) :(
thats nice :) its beautiful
yes very similar :)
who are you afraid of?
:( okay
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no its alright you dont have to.. i was just curious :) take it down its alright :)
no i am not :)
@LonelyandForgotten come here see you're offline
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come on go to bed now :'(
noo i wanna stay here with youu baby ;)
noo goo :'(
hehehe i dont know :D
stop it :'(
hehhee let me draw you ;)
stop it now :'( go do your homework
hehehehhe :D sorry :D
i have something to tell you that you had been imagining ever but not now
OMG you are damn artistic wow
what is it? :D
hehehe its funny :D i wanna make you smile baby :D
in message ;)
alright ;)
hahahah this looks more like you :D
kinda :D
stop it lol i aint like that lol let me draw you
heheh alright :D i cant wait to see :D
and i drew little chest hairs too ;)
cuz i loooove it ;)
hairs hmm lol
|dw:1354332108055:dw| hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa lol
hahhahahaha :D awesome!!! she looks just like mee lol :D :D :D
hahhaha nice face lol
really lol??
heheh no im kidding :D do i really look like that :P
she has chickens :D lol
didn't you see something how grown up is she
heheh yes its kinda obvious :D its sooo big
aww okay i will squeeze it smaller
hehhehe :D
okay now in message
by the way, please dont erase these i will laugh at this everytime im feeling bad pleaseeee this is funny memories :D
heyyy never ever its too funny , and will make someone smile ever
let me see it
okay :)
and you can take this off cuz its private hehe
hmm okay :(
hehe just wait i am seeing it
heheh remember that lady :D :D hehehehehe thats funny
that is horrible can we proceed our disscusion :D
what is horrible? :(
that lady and your plan hehe let me tell you in message
This is the message i got today from my teachers, they said unless i call them i cant log in and do any homework so i have to call them tomorrow, im really far behind in classes
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fine, lets off go on vacation now :( what is this
well maybe vacation for you but not for me :P i have to work
that is what i meant
|dw:1354765070735:dw| forgive me don't fart pleasee :'( :'( @LonelyandForgotten baby , gde ti :'(
|dw:1354765752703:dw| please forgive me i beg you, don't fart :'( :'( baby Gde ti :'( @LonelyandForgotten
dont look at the drawing , start posting your question NOW
hehehe thats funny :D lol
question please ?
hehe wait :D sorry i have to find it :P
okay i am waiting , be quick
can you help me with this one? im stuck :(
1 Attachment
sorry its way too small, here is the question 4. Use a table of values to find the ordered pairs for the equation y = 4x - 3 when x = 0, 1, and 2. Match the ordered pairs to the appropriate graph.
look you have equation y=4x-3 now, put x=0 in the equation you will have y= 4*0-3= -3 then put x=1 and find value of y y=4*1-3=4-3=1 and finally x=2 then y=4*2-3=8-3=5 therefore you have three pairs of point like (x,y) (0,-3), (1,1) ,(2,5) now plot it like this
so what does it look like, which option?
it look like option A. ?
you are genius , correct
thanks, that is it now :) good night
okay good night , thanks
1 Attachment
which one is it and how do i know you took it now? i am asking about the quiz score that you said you just took
and you havent taken any of them oh god
hahah yess :D thats why im failing
lets start NOW and i keep asking you but you dont care
okay fine :(
post your question now
and where is the one that you took just now hahahahahaaa
you got B+ bad bad