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How do i make my laptop faster it's a windows 7. i tried using %temp% to clear some files also msconfig.

Computer Science
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click start menu > right click computer > properties > on the new windows on the top left options > click advance system settings > new window again > click on "advance" tab then > on the performance click setings > on visual effects tab > select adjust to best performance then HIT apply and OK. your DONE :D P.S. add more RAM :D
Thank you for the help i hope this works lol
your welcome waiting for your feedback

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Other answers:

You could always check out what is running on start-up programs, that takes speed from your laptop the moment you start up, there could be many useless programs running in the background.
Yep i understand.
If you want to do it, I believe the option is in Control Panel, I would give you a directory to it but I'm on Ubuntu at the moment. Be carful with performance settings, if you have it on high for too long your laptop WILL heat up eventually.
I'm new to the website. so i just want to share my knowledge also.
High performance is a temporary solution NOT a permanent one, it's the same as overclocking a graphics card, it just means your laptop won't last as long.
But i'm into thing with the computer. I'ts just that i play this flash game my computer is strong enough to run it but i don"t know why it moves so slow. I just need it to be fixed.
you need a graphic card :)
You can start by looking for an update of your flash player, if it's not updated, then that will help with all future flash performances. When you run your flash game open task manager and look at how much of your computer usage is being taken up, the flash game will likely be up the top (the browser you're running it on), then below it will hopefully be another program which you don't need, but can end for more speed.
Every computer and laptop has a graphics cards, it's just whether or not it's dedicated. Even the simplest computer that just run bash shell, the little bit of graphics working off that motherboard is making those colours appear.
The game is in a standalone which is made to reduce lag. But i guess since so many people play this game In multiple servers then i guess it affects me the most.
It may not be your computer at all, if it's online, it may just be that servers that are running slow, so everyone is being affected by this problem. It may just go away once the game cools down or the developers patch the server.
The Devs patched and restarted the servers multiple time. In other cases i would highly recommend someone like you to work for them. so that they can know what they should do to make the game smoother for everyone. The point is that they are only coders that code the game. They don't care about the lag that everyone has.
Update your graphic card or lower the graphic settings, sometimes the internet connection was also an issue. Slow internet connection will result to so much lag on you online games.
Unfortunately being in the coders shoes, it's extremely hard to look at compatibility for all computers and software to work on the same server. They probably have 100s of tickets and are taking care of them one by one.
If you're running windows and you know about automatic updates, there may be a graphics card driver update available in there, or you could have already taken care of it a long time ago. This only applies for dedicated graphics cards though. I'm sure you know if you have a slow internet or not, if it was that you wouldn't be here for help.
My Internet is perfect. and how do i update a graphics card without changing it?
Go to the website of your graphic card.
can you provide a link please?
First check your automatic updates, windows finds most of them for you.
They have recommended downloads and manual ones, it will be in the manual one if anything.
I can, just give me the name and model of your graphic card.
Or instead of posting it in here just post it in google and it'll pop up with the same thing he will tell you, except a lot faster.
Watch this
Install Linux. :-)
10 things you can do to speed Windows 7 up a little: 1: Disable unnecessary services (you did this wit MSConfig i think) disable: - IP Helper - Offline Files - Network Access Protection Agent - Parental Controls - Smart Card - Smart Card Removal Policy - Windows Media Center Receiver Service - Windows Media Center Scheduler Service - Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service - Fax - HomeGroup Listener - HomeGroup Provider - Tablet PC Input Service 2: Reduce the number of startup items (Thin u used MSconfig for this step). 3: Remove the bloatware installed by vendors (use PC Decrapifier for this). 4: Check your memory. 5: Go solid state. 6: Ensure that power settings favor performance. 7: Keep your system defragmented (unless you’ve followed item 5 and using TRIMM). 8: Disable or tune search indexing. 9: Use ReadyBoost. 10: Keep spyware off your system (use HitmanPro / SurfRight).

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