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New NEW New song lol ;)

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Verse 1 I've got Christ in my veins, Grace in my eyes Love in my heart, truth in my rhymes, I've seen people in pain, feeling ashamed, The sun will always shine, even through the rain Just seek and you will find, trust and never lie Fear but never hide, The lord is on your side The lord is on arise, He's coming for his bride Soon he will arrive, people don't be surprised, Keep watch and listen close, The Holly Ghost will expose Wolves clothed as sheep, fruit of their tree will show Straight is the gate and narrow is the road, He never said it was easy, Lord knows its difficult, Hook So I'm a study God's word and preach it to the mislead (yeah) Then I'm a pick my foot up and stomp it on the devils' head (yeah) See I can die now Resurrect with my father Hop in my saviors arms and leave earth with my father I'm Gone (when you see me coming down on the clouds) I'm gone, I'm gone Verse 2 Jesus is the way and the truth I know Jesus has saved me, so let him save you Sacrifice his life, to show his Love for all Christ is the light that you can't turn off His WORD is my sword, the Devil will flee Take heed, to the voice of the lord, King of Kings A shepherd to his sheep, we are never alone and when i run out a lyrics to write these songs, Hook Bridge His loves incredibly, all things are possible The Lord's speaking through me Just like Paul the apostle Keep watch and listen close so many lost souls, Christ Jesus, is the reason, my life is eternal Verse 3 Lord, I know your listening, So I pray within A Vessel for my lord Your servant, send me, here I am Faith like Abraham Climb the mountain for the ram The Lord is my Servant, in the valley I will stand The Lords hand on me, I wild fear no man Built my house on the rock, no need for the sand I lean on the wisdom of God, to understand No man on earth can teach me what my father can Lord, don't spar the rod, I need your disciplined Cause without it Lord, I'm so ignorant I seek with diligence, Your message I'm delivering The word of God can pierce the heart of any proud man Cry out unto the Lord, Break the chain of sin Times have changed again, but God is still the same, AMEN! Formed into a man, to teach us how to pray to him And, the Bible is the manual, on hoe to live for him Hook
omg ur a freakin good song writer

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Other answers:

ur welcome
yea i do
yea she my friend y?
good job (:
Good song (: i love Christ too. Maybee you'll inspire me to write a Christian song. <3
OMG ur like rlly amazingly good at writeing songs!!!!!!! :O
thx lol

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