• mew55
Sorry this may sound stupid but, as i was studying for a Calculus II quiz, i just seen a bright green color, in shaped of a heart, almost covered up my vision while using my laptop. Looking at it made my head hurt. what could be the cause of this?
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  • Stacey Warren - Expert
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Can I ask you a few questions to follow up with that? 1. How long did this bright green shape last? 2. Have you had any episodes like this, in the past? 3. Do you wear glasses or contacts? If so, are you nearsighted? 4. Have you smacked your head against anything recently? Have you done any kind of intense activity where your head might've been whipped or jerked around? 5. Do you have any headaches right now, that won't go away? 6. Have you noticed any other strange stuff happening with your eye? ~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm not a doctor. A doctor would know exactly what to ask. But I am fishing around to see if there could be a problem with your retina, or your vitreous humour. Your retina is the double-layer part of the back of your eye, that captures light, and allows you to "see" the world around you. Your vitreous humour is the liquid inside of your eyeballs. Your vitreous humour's job is to push against your retina, and keep it in place. Sometimes, it stops doing this. And we call that "vitreous detachment." Headaches, and a bright green shape blocking your vision, might fit in with "vitreous detachment." Now, if your vitreous humour stops doing its job, then nothing is holding the retina in place. And since the retina is made of two layers, these layers can actually separate. If that happens, it's bad. We call it "retinal detachment." Retinal detachment usually happens after vitreous detachment. And in retinal detachment, the fluid in your eyeball can get in between the layers of your retina, and cause blindness. I don't mean to scare you. There really are many possibilities for why this could have happened to you. And not all of the possibilities are serious. What I wanna do here is tell you about the more common possibilities that would actually need medical attention.

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