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Anybody In Connections Academy That Can Help With This Test ? I'm So Far Behind... 1. The poet and his mother peeled potatoes while the others _______. (1 point)planted seeds cooked dinner attended church emptied buckets 2. The poet compares ________ to solder. (1 point)iron potatoes water tongs "Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night" 3. ________ men know that dark is right. (1 point)Old Wise Good Grave 4. Blind eyes could blaze like ________. (1 point)candles gold stars meteors 5. The narrator asks the father to curse and bless him with ________. (1 p
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5. The narrator asks the father to curse and bless him with ________. (1 point)blinding sight fierce tears bright sun green waves "Not Waving but Drowning" 6. In the first stanza, the dead man ________. (1 point)moans dies swims rests 7. The “poor chap” always loved ________. (1 point)swimming singing larking drinking 8. "They” said the ________ caused his heart to fail. (1 point)shock fall grief cold For question 9, choose the word or words that is identified or explained by the underlined appositive phrase. 9. The football team, the most aggressive in school history, was undefeated. (1 point)football team football team undefeated
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