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Write the formula for the binary compound that decomposes to the products H2 and Br2

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I originally had \[2H _{7}Br \rightarrow 7H _{2}+Br _{2}\] Is that right?
Binary = 2 components (atoms) you have 8 atoms in the molecule
Oh, okay, I see what you mean. I was hesitant putting that. So would it just be \[H_{7}Br \rightarrow H_{2}+Br_{2}\] I didn't really understand my teacher's explanation on how to write these.

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Other answers:

I forgot to balance it.
you didn't change the compound, i mean there is only one possibility in having two different atoms in a binary molecule. One of each
\[2HBr \rightarrow H_{2} + Br_{2}\] ??? So 2 atoms because we know it ends with H_{2} + Br_{2} so then to balance it you'd have to add the 2 to the front?
yep thats it
Yay!!! THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!! :) New favorite person.
haha no problem !
Would the states of matter be 2Hbr(s) H2(g) and Br2 (g)? How do you know something is a solid or gas? I know my teacher said that the only liquid is water, but other than that I guess. I remember O2 as a gas so I figure any single element with a 2 is a gas. How do you know what is solid?
hm you'd have to be given a temperature as compounds have different melting points, or you can check solubility tables, this reaction (it doesn't say) but it's carried in an aqueous medium aka in water, so HBr (aq) -> H2 (g) + Br2(g)
when something is written as solid in the products, it means it precipitated
Oh! Sweet. Are you a teacher or what? You need to come teach my chem class in high school. xP I think I got it now though! Thank you bundles!
haha noo, i'm only in 2nd year. and i wouldn't like being around so many damn kids lol thats good you understand it! if you have more q's let me know, il be glad to help if i can.
:) I am positive you will be hearing more from me. haha. I don't mind kids myself but I know where you are coming from. haha. I reallllly do. Yet most of me wants to become a teacher. Good luck in your studies! :D
haha thats cooool, if thats what you wanna do, you should definitely pursue it :) thanks, you too !
I will do my best to do so, unless I find something better that I know I will enjoy more. haha. So many options I know I don't know.

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