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can I please get somebody to help me find where to get started with java programming? if possible can you give me a private course of the basics to get started with a game like minecraft?

Computer Science
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you can go to youtube and search for thenewboston channel and he was some good beginner, intermidate, and java game programing tutorials
I have tried him but it never works out on youtube because there is nothing helping me through my errors so preferably something that is interactive would be great :)
although if you know anything in java it would be helpful if you could teach me in some way! I have netbeans and eclipse so I am all set there :)

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Other answers:

well i am not that good have a programmer just learning myself too
you need to learn things step by step.. Creating a game takes a looong time.
I know a bit of the basics... things like booleans, variables, printing on screen, etc.
There is a also; however that isnt' free like the Oracle Trail. also has a ton of professionals, but they wont do your code for you, just help you along the way.
For a starting programmer, I recommend Stanford's CS-106A Programming Methodologies Just click on the Courses button.
I wanted to jump right into java too, but I couldn't make it work. Java assumes an object oriented approach and so even the books, I read through and liked "Head-First Java", assume that you can code simple procedures, and get results out of a nested loop, etc.. So I would say learn Python enough to code your game in it. They are teaching it with a functions approach and it really won't be that hard to convert your Python to Java.
I have to disagree... I started mainly coding seriously in Java. You just need to spend time learning how the lang works..
Oh, wish I had known about the Stanford Course. Glad I know now.
thanks to everybody who replied ^^ this will definitely help!

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