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PLEASE HELP!!April built a model of the F-16 Fighting Falcon that is proportional to the actual F-16 Fighting Falcon. The actual F-16 has a length of 14.8 meters and a wingspan that measures 9.8 meters. Her model has a length of 0.5 meter. What is the approximate measure of the wingspan on April's model?

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its not .o4
@deerhunter24 please give an explanation of how you got the answer. Simply giving away the answer might earn you a suspension or warning from the mods.

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Other answers:

oh my b i used the wrong steps
im tring again
please explain how youuu got it also so yea i dont know the steps
i pulled up a 2nd window and got them off of google
hey meggy will ya fan me
i will but can you explain how to do it
yeh one sec let me go back to it
ok thankss
take 14.8 and divide it by .5 then take that answer and times it by 9.8 and you should get the correct answer i believe
@meggy r u there??????????? did u get it or need explanation???????
let me try what hunter said real fast
ok when u r over then mention me so that i can help u??????
ookk well hunter nice try but it waqsnt the correct answer so @Aperogalics :)))wanna give it a shot
sorry i tried thought it would get you the correct answer sorry
ohh its ok :) no problem.
@meggy a model is a copy of that but dimensions are in small ratio like map in map it looks like exact actual but dimensions are made small note that ratio of dimensions of actual to model is same in any direction so length and bredth ratio must be the same so can u evaluate the length ratio??
how do i do that?
what is the length of actual size plain????????
sry plane :D
9.8 meters? :O
or 14.8 idk ):
actual F-16 has a length of 14.8 meters got it??????
ook so the length = 14.8
ya and it's model has length????????
.5 meters
yup:) so ratio is l1/l2=?????????
.916? how did you get 11/12 im confused
Don't get confused i m just talking about ratios which must be equal it will be clear wait not 11/12 sry i mean L1/L2=14.8/0.5=29.6 :)
ook :)
now their wings must also satisfy this relation:) can you evaluate
whats that mean?
simply the ratio must be same every where so wings also has to follow this so actual F-16 has a wingspan that measures 9.8 meters so its model has to have such value that its ratio must be 29.6 so let it be x |dw:1354630266397:dw|
@meggy got it???????:)
what are the lopptie thingys
what are the lopptie thingys
it is L small L ;)
ook so do i take 9.8/29.6
which equals .33 :O which is one of the answers on my test :D
which equals .33 :O which is one of the answers on my test :D
which equals .33 :O which is one of the answers on my test :D
ya i know..........see you solved it but did you get it is most important part?????????????
kinda :)) i have every step written down
@meggy well now i fell proud ;)
let me try the next question and see if i do gwt it
@Aperogalics i got it :DDD
see u did this @meggy medal.............LOLZ

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