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What's the big difference between "Side Angle Side" and "Side Side Side"? I'm confused

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with "Side Angle Side", you have 2 sides and an included angle pic: |dw:1354651195503:dw| with "Side Side Side", you have 3 sides pic: |dw:1354651237390:dw|
thankyou! that helped a lot! :) can you help me with more? My grade went down because of this thing. :(

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Other answers:

ASA SSS SAS not enough information
which one would it be?
so using the info i gave above, which one are you thinking?
yes, SSS
you have 3 corresponding sides equal ----> SSS
you sure? I need to get all of these right. No "I think"
I'm very sure
I've done this many times so I'm very familiar with all the triangle congruence properties
would this be sas or asa?
notice this |dw:1354653246131:dw| so those two sides (which form the first S) are congruent
is the second one i just posted sas?
the other one, you have 2 sides and an angle (angle is between the two sides)
I'm really confused with this one. :/
you CANNOT use SSA because there's no one unique triangle that SSA makes so there are no guarantees that those two triangles are congruent if you use SSA
so, asa or not enough information?
not enough info SSA always leads to "not enough info"
the options were asa, sss, sas, and no enough info. not ssa
i know, that's because SSA isn't a valid congruence property
I'm guessing this one is ASA?
10. A C (1 point) Alternate Exterior Angles Alternate Interior Angles Vertical Angles They look the same.
I'm guessing vertical?
no, vertical angles look like this |dw:1354653660952:dw|
oh yeah lol
they look the same? :/
you have 2 parallel lines and the angles are on the INSIDE of them
that's never a good reason in geometry
using "they look the same" is always a bad response because the drawing may not be to scale or it may be drawn poorly
no it says "
I know it's a bad response but I'm confused D:
angles can't be something is off
Oh wait.. does the = sign with the swirly thing on top mean congruent? xD
I probably got them mixed up! lol
okay, do you get it now?
that's fine, btw, to say "parallel" you type ||
yeah i already know the answer
what is it? And I wrote that down so I remember and don't act stupid :D
it's alternate interior angles notice how they're on the inside of the parallel lines
Oh. I was paying more attention on the angles of them than where the line was. :) thanks. And can you help me on the last 2 too? :D
It's the same picture for the last two, just different questions
Corresponding Angles Vertical Angles Theorem Alternate Interior Angles Supplementary Angles
I think corresponding..o_ o
no wait..vertical! Right? :D
yep vertical
nice catch
This last one I really don't know..
you know this < A = < C
Yes, but I still don't know the answer
pleeaaasee help I am so behind because I started school late Dx
And I have a month to get everything completed
Angle: < A = < C Angle:
right? :D
the side is between the angles
I got 11/12. :D The mistake being my own..:/
thank you! What grade are you in?
which one did you miss
the first one. Sad thing is I thought I really had it. it wasn't one you helped me on.
can you help me on other ones? :D five questions?
same type of problem though right?
R , S, and T are the vertices of one triangle. E, F, and D are the vertices of another triangle. mR = 60, mS = 80, mF = 60, mD = 40, RS = 4, and EF = 4. Are the two triangles congruent? If yes, explain and tell which segment is congruent to RT . (1 point)
yes, by ASA; yes, by AAS; yes, by SAS; No, the two triangles are not congruent.
Do you know these?
this is what we're given |dw:1354655142386:dw|
we can find this out |dw:1354655272312:dw|
so if you flip the second triangle you get this |dw:1354655318737:dw|
so we can use ASA angle S = angle E (A) RS = FE (S) angle R = angle F (A)
so, yes, by sas, ed?
no, ASA and what do you mean by ed?
That's what it says..Nevermind. The only one with ASA is FD
yeah RT = FD
you have to look at my last drawing
Thanks, Jim! :) :)
A, B, and C are the vertices of one triangle. D, E, and F are the vertices of another triangle. m∠A = 50, m∠B = 10, m∠E = 40, m∠F = 30, AB = 6, and DE = 6. Are the two triangles congruent If yes, explain why and tell which segment is congruent to AC . (1 point)
yes, by SAS; yes, by ASA; yes, by AAS; No, the two triangles are not congruent.
I'm sure I could do these if I tried, but I really wanna get these done. :/
give it a shot, try drawing it out like i did it
please.. I have so much other school things to do. :( and you never told me what grade you're in
since these two triangles have 2 completely different sets of angles, they cannot be congruent
so, it would be the last one?
they're 2 completely different triangles, so they aren't congruent
Supply the missing reasons to complete the proof. Given:
ASA; substitution SAS; Corresponding parts of are . AAS; Corresponding parts of are . ASA; Corresponding parts of are .
I feel so lazy but I really need these done
well i hate to tell you this, but laziness isn't a good excuse
how old are you
not sure how that matters or how that is relevent...
And I have like almost 20 overdue assignments in each subject. I will do it when i get all on track. I usually don't cheat. But I feel it's the only way, I will get things done. And if that's what I have to do, than I will do it.
Well, I know it's not relevant, but i'm curious. :I
Can you at least show me how to do the last one I posted. I actually am confused with that one.
any ideas on this current problem?
I don't get it.
you sound old.
Okay, I think it's SAS. Am I correct?

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