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who believes in the illuminati and who has heard of it and would like to know more ?

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I know what it is.
do u believe in it ?
um. no and yes.

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Other answers:

oooh. well what do u know ?
probably the same as everyone else.
ooh. well do u know that lil wayne predicted the theatre deaths at the batman the dark night rises movie ? 7 ppl died on the first shooting and lil wayne shot a scene in a movie theatre with 7 corpses
yep yep
i have heard of it and i kno alot about ti
okay, what do u know ?
The Illuminati (plural of Latin illuminatus, "enlightened") is a name given to several groups, both real (historical) and fictitious. Historically the name refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on May 1, 1776. In more modern contexts the name refers to a purported conspiratorial organization which is alleged to mastermind events and control world affairs through governments and corporations to establish a New World Order. In this context the Illuminati are usually represented as a modern version or continuation of the Bavarian Illuminati.
okay u obviously know how to use the copy+paste function. butim referring to what the illuminati is practicing today. not its origin
Lol (:
NOOO actually that iz a known fact cuz my mom is a constpricy theoist :) u asked and i gave anwser
okay either way. i dont mean its origin. i mean what they do today.its a government plot to enslave every woman man and child on earth. and i dont think anything will happen this upcoming "doomsday" but if anything, that iis the day they will bomb the earth and make room for a new "perfect" world. this is called the NNW new world order. many music stars have mentioned the illuminati and this nnw in their songs/interviews/ect. that is what im talking about
also known as the new world order i have read about it and my mom told me about it
Lmao He Said Wifrey
@BradNasty true but please use proper grammer. and its any mainstream artist
ooomy bad just got done watching bill cosby (:
okay so why are u arguing ? @2yoututu11 @BradNasty no problem. what do u think about the nnw ?
ooh im an idiot. i meant to say that it is NWO new world order. not nnw. sowwy
i am not arguing i am jus saying what i kno that iz all :)
oohkay. i didnt really mean arguing, for lack of a better word.
OHHHH okay
lol so what do u think of it ?
now i think about i don't like it at all i wanted to do music all my life and when i saw this "Illuminati" it made me sick to my tummy .and now i have to debate on my dreams :( the world is alredy messed up enough and here they come making it worse this world today:|
they have been around since the 60's. they are why we are so advanced. and i had the same dream. but they can test u. when u sign to a label they look at your bloodline to see if your "Clean" not like a drug test but to see if your ancestor was a bad or not. if you have a clean bloodline or come from royalty then they accept u. if u dont, then they simply try to persuade u to do what they say or brainwash u and put illuminati symbols in your videos and songs and do backmasking. different things like that. have u ever had a song "stick" in your head ? well the msg they put in that song is the msg they want u to hear. when u are obsessed with one line in a song, that is the line/msg that is meant for u to hear.
yeaa that sounds about right but i don't want to be pulled in that soo i am gonna find some other thing that fits me what a crule world :|
yeaa its hard. did u know they killed jfk and abe lincoln ? and tupac and michael jackson. a lot of people actually. they killed jfk 7 days after he made a speech and said "there is a plot in this world to enslave every man woman and child. and before i leave this high and noble office, i plan to expose this plot" they killed abe lincoln because he freed the slaves and they wanted blacks to be slaves so martin luther king and jr wouldnt make the speech and change the world.
yeaa i was really upset and jfk acually did something and gorge w bush made things worse i don't understand y jfk was gonna knock down the federal offices and he gets shot and someone that didn't do it gets penalized 4 it *smh*
because they controlled it. the guy that killed him was a freeemason. lebron james is a freemason. im not entirely sure what a freemason is but its baaadass. and george w was completly illuminati. so is obama
WELL,obama is not that much he ia atleast fixing what george w. yeaa i would say that gorge u betta get yo butt in this chair and pay off this stuff ever since obama got into office u don't hear that much about wars anymore that we kno of the crime rate has went down and more ppl are getting there jobs back soo there iz a few things that are good :)
NNW i ignore :P
yeaa but at the price of literally losing our minds and peace of serenity. its all of war of the spiritual and of the mind. nothing all too physical
OHHH that is what she was tying to say i was like um????? confustion lol
yeaa lol idiot. her not u
lmaooo that is not nice :D
neither is i ignore. its rude. she should have constructive criticism and reasoning for her judgement instead of jus being rude.
^ that iz very true
who are u calling a trck???!!!
This question is now closed as it has nothing to do with music nor study. Please review the code of conduct here:
actually @TranceNova yes it does actually. illuminati controls the music industry along with othermedia. it IS music. so i am actually offended u would delete MY question to spread awareness of somethin so horrible and is completly relevant to the music category.
^ she has a point there
thanks :) besides i have the same post elsewhere and on other sites, so u cant stop me.
I don't care what you post on other websites. However on Open study questions are restricted to study related questions only.
ACUALLY it is we talk about what happens behind closed doors
then why is there a music category ? music is not studying. if you read most of the questions, they are either posting songs they have made, or are just random questions. and i was talking to @2yoututu11 saying about the other sites.
Unfortunately music is a study. It is studied through elementary school and through universities. However, this is not up for debate. Please read through the music rules here:
naw im good

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