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How was the geography of Greece responsible for the great accomplishments of its civilizations?

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The ancient Greeks were a highly culturally advanced civilization for their time. They reached further into technology and the arts than any other society.
dose that help
Lol depends if the geography was responsible for it

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Other answers:

the geographical area in which Greece was in was a major reason for the rise of Greece they were in the Med and being a seafaring country helped they were able to get places by boat that allowed them to trade and move troops to fight wars. They were scholars and scientist as well as having a great art and culture does that help om
Thank you Vortish :)
no problem history and sci are my strong subjects
Oh lol Than maybe you should help me with this one more question?
greece is the country that seperates mid east from europe. It touches the mid east. The mid east is to the east, egypt and north africa to south via the mediternean sea. SO it has great acces to other great civilizations like egypt, and persia at different times.
Oh lol Sorry and thank you timo.. Here is the next question Vortish How did Rome influence her colonies?
Rome influenced her colonies in many ways from the way the people dressed to art and literature. Her colonies copied every thing from the capitol. She would often send ambassadors to the colonies to oversee how things were going in day to day life and influence the governors of the colonies to oversee architecture to the Colosseum and the games were fought she had a lot of influence over the colonies
I only need 2 examples though.. so i cant tell which is the example and which isnt lol
use architecture and clothing
Oh okayy thank you :)
How she have influenced their clothing? and architecture?
Lol sorry, im stupid

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