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i want see if i can write a poem on a guy i just need a guy to tell me about themselves any voluteers?

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doesnt tell me enough lol
what do u want it to be about ?

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Other answers:

a guy and how guys are
i already did one about my bf i wana do one on another guy
ill do it I guess
i need a question or something
what do u like to do?
just tell me a bout guys and how they are cuz i wana surprise my guy friends w this poem and if i ask them theyll no wats going on:/
dont yu knw alil about me?
yes but not enough haha but ill try to write a poem about u haha ok i hope u like @Josuelito
lol ok
haha ok so let me try to write it haha hey u still owe me one too:D
ok lol, i owe lots of ppl one i just havent had time
haha wow ur must be so buzy haha its so hard to write urs haha ...hmmm so what else can u tell me about urself?
wat yu wanna know?
idk hmmm....lets see ok wat games do u guys play on video games?lol how tall r u? idk just tell me stuff
im short af, im only 5'2 :( i love snapbacks and jordans
haha not really im only like ahlf an inch taller than u im 5'2 and a half haha..hmmm...what else?
im gud wit kids, kids love me ;D
haha really haha kids love me too only because im the only one that doesnt yell at them haha ;D
lol im gud wit them period
haha sure u probably just give them candy to make them listen
nooo i play wit them and stuff when im taking care of them i just ack like them ;D its more fun tht way
haha wow i can imagine that haha ur all playing with the lil cars lol
noooo wit video games, outside play sports, and teaching them to skateboard and dance
haha so everythin u do haha cute lil pretty boys haha
lol hahahahaha ikr
haha wow haha thats cute when the lil boys dress up all pretty boy haha that so sexii on the guys too
lol i wouldnt know about tht im not gay
haha i no haha but im just say..gosh ur just lik my cuzin he says the same thing lol
i finished ur poem sort of its not that good lol
lol hahaha ok
ill send it to yo in a lil
if this is still open ill still answer
yes its still open go for it @Giovanni
okay um ill try to describe myself. I beleive the first question you asked me was "what do I like to do" well I like to play guitar, travle, skydive, anything dangerous, or exiting, and parkour...never really cared for relation ships ive been quite afew but got over it. im homeschooled and im very weird. anything else?
age height and any other stuff ?
@Giovanni do u want me to use ur open study name or ur full name on the poem cuz im not sure?
Im 5'8 and im 14 yrs old...ou can use whatever name u want
ok will do im almost dont just need that info thank u ill send it to u tonite or tomorrow morning
two more lines
finished it u want it here or thru message
here, message, or both, whatever is easiest for you
He’s a little weird He’s in love with danger I doubt he’s ever feared He hikes with no ranger He plays guitar Relationships mean very little Stunts to him are never too far He’s been with girls for very little He never falls for girls But for dangerous adventure Relationships are just a drill His answer to skydive is sure He’s home schooled He’ll be famous stunts man in the future He can’t be fooled He’s 5 foot 8 Stunts? He up for any Excitement he won’t let wait We know this is Giovanni -Joanna Ramirez
hope u like

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