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Did anyone in Connexus get the last two problems on the Unit 5 test? I have searched everywhere for the poem and I can't find it..It's so itrritating. I's just those last 2..-_-

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what poem was it?
poems by Szymborska, and Milosz

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Other answers:

oh no i didnt find it im still trying to catch up.
Did you start school late too?
I have it give me a second to find it. Do you do scca or somewhere else?
Szymbroska adresses death in the time she lives. Milosz adresses death personally. Szymbroska adresses death by saying that whether you think you are great or not you are still going to die. In her poem she shows that people think they shouldn't be messed with or that they doubt themselves, but either way theyre going to die.
In Ionesco's story people get aggravated with other peoples ways. They try to get rid of it by becoming rhinoceros's. In the end the humans are mostly gone and the rhinos are running wild. In milosz's poem he states that people may be great at one point but they will not always be. He showed that whether or not you are great at one point you will eventually fall. They are both showing that nazism is wrong but they state that in different ways. There you go that should be it . Or did you mean multiple choice?
might want to change it a little didnt get all the points
thanks for the medal where do you do connections?
In Oregon. And thanks so much! It means a lo, but I have to ask how many points you got on each if you don't mind. :D
Lot I meant
yeh i did i started about like 3-4 weeks late wbu?
9 and 8 out of 10
I added more details. I got 5/5 on each! :D My grade went up to an A! :) But my grades keep fluctuating. At least they're good!
g;ad i could help
thankyou. Also, anyone here who could help me on 5 math problems?:) In geometry..
sorry iwould bt im really far behind in geometry
ah. k

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