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In psychology, having an "open system" means that the brain is wired so that it can actively and continuously interact with the environment, and incorporate new information. Humans have "open system" brains. That means that we, as humans, can mentally interact with our surroundings, and add new information about the world into our minds. And this new information affects the way that we think, feel, and behave. ~~~~~~~~ I'll give you an example, that's based on human emotion. Did you know that, as humans, we naturally feel fear, whenever we see something coming right at us, really fast? It's true. That fearful reaction is a natural survival instinct. Whenever we see something coming at us really fast, our natural instinct is to run, duck, or hide. Anything that we can do, to avoid it. But imagine that you're in a car. You're driving in a car, and all of a sudden, you see another car, coming RIGHT AT YOU! It's gonna hit you! Can you run? No. You're sitting in the car. Can you hide? No. You're sitting in the car. What's the FIRST thing that you can do? Slam on the brakes. That's a very specific behavior: slamming on the brakes. Slamming on the brakes is NOT a part of our natural instinct. We weren't BORN knowing how to do that. But since we have "open system" brains, we can allow that new information into our brains, so that it becomes almost natural to us. Here's a fact: Pretend that you've known how to drive a car, for many years. You're sitting in the passenger seat, next to your friend, while your friend drives. You're not driving. All of a sudden, another car comes RACING right toward you, like it's about to hit you! What will YOU do? What you'll probably do is stomp your foot, as though you're trying to hit the brake, even though you're not the one driving! Why? Because it's a natural reaction. Your brain is an "open system." It allows new information to come in, and become a permanent part of your brain.

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