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okay wahat exacaly are asking which one do i like better??
WHo would you guys rather lissen to?

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Other answers:

Cool dont forget to become a fan of me I will become a fan back!
okay when i get back on my other account will definately fan u
okay thanks !
Taylor Swift
country ill take the risk
JUSTIN BIEBER!!!! nooo taylor swift
justin .....................SUCKS.NO OFFENSE...but i gotta go wit country
UGHHH u suck he is cuteee and he has a beautiful voice
even tho i dont listen 2 country
well im not trying to be mean(sort of) but justin bieber suks and i rather listen to country than him...ill take the risk
i dont listen to country at all
y are yall sooo tough on justin he didn't do nothing to yall soo y yall hatin >:(
its a black thing..................jk
we aint hating haha u lil girls just fall for the celeberties u cant its a chicana thing go for thug music haha
there u go
Justin doesn't suck. He's not a bad artist (although his first album was crap). Taylor Swift is just an all around better artist and person.
@drummerboyswag you my sleek-feathered oneh tho ok haha im ur chicana haha ur my homie
sorry i ment blak boy
lol yeahh...i hate when they change the words
YEAA u do have a point but they are not falling 4 him every girl sees a cutee guy theysay"OMG I LOVE HIM" but then here comes another guy and say"I LOVE HIM"
i no haaha but chu my homie
g2g..bye fam
BYE bro
haha i dont fall for celebz i fall for my thugs haha bye homie and new homies:)
Only good country like Blake Shelton.
Micheal Jackson
I'd say justin bieber -.- i don't like country .
Justin Bieber ;)
who ever loves beiber is a low lifer- this chicks Babydaddy i luv you nena
LOL. I don't think they're low lifes although I kind of consider myself one. I believe they're just people who don't share the same opinions/views as you. Like many people think dubstep is noise. I believe dubstep is pure magic.
haha na u crazy..hey no lie but u remind me of chucky dayum 666 haha yep low life
K, crazy Christian. >.>
haha yep low life........ im christian n im proud of it wat u gana do about it haha i tell the world see if i give a shyt
To be honest, you're a low life as well for putting me down so we're both low lifes. Kaythnx.
haha no i live life to the fullest haha u just hatin on my fine life i aint puttin u down im being straight up wit me or hate me either way ur thinkin of thug life is great idk bout ur chucky life
Well that was dumb. I'm only thinking about you because I'm answering your response. I'm not hating on your "fine" life because I don't know anything about you so why should I hate? I don't hate anyone but I just dislike people who can't keep their rude comments to themselves. Chucky life, aye? Alright, go to bed sweetheart. I'll be waiting at the foot of your bed with a knife. LOL. ;3
haha good luck ill shoot u b4 u reach me ull end up on fox 11 stabbed up and blasted haha plz u dont scare me good nite dont worry when we die ill be lookin down from heaven and smiling
You may just rot in the ground like the rest of us. :l
haha na thats just u...well i got to go i got better things to do in life than deal with a low lifer bye bye 1$0UTH$1D3
Justin bieber... and i'm proud to be a low life wannabe xD
Hi, you're cool. c: ^
Justin Bieber
u go 4 rap..or rock..
country other than justin

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