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You should really check your email...
That looks awesome though.

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Other answers:

._. I had an iPad for a year, and used the mail app on that. didn't count them as read on the actual website though.
holly crap it looks so awesome!!!!!!!! good job
Your name is Nathaniel? :3 That's so cute.
It's black. Is that better?
1 Attachment
It looks better purple.
purple is better
I like black better :c
It's your it how you want. :P
purple looks to Yahoo!-ish.
lol true
I don't wanna make it look like Yahoo!
do it how u want
holly crap thats amazing poopsie!!!
i think it needs to be a different shade of purple
i like the black
I like the black better ._.
so do i poop
you guys should try it once I finish the buttons on tab 3. :3
this is what i imagined when you said voltage
1 Attachment
i combine the black and purple
Well, if I can ever get that advanced, I'd do that. :p
yea, black and purple
but over all i like it
I'd need a black+purple gradient, if any of you can find one :p
i can try 2 find one
i can make one?
you can make one.
yea, with GIMP. i'd have to download it again though because i uninstalled it
you go right ahead and do that :p
or with
so what exactly do you want?
but you can so much cooler stuff with gimp
like, purple mixed in with black.
well, use gimp then. :p
how do you do it? like, does it need to be a certain size for it to work?
but again, I like just black better. purple makes it look yahoo-ish.
1 Attachment
thts just a random one i just made
oh well there ye go lol
oh so no purple?
ehh, it needs to be a certain size.
wht size?
2 of them, each 773x25.5.
wow ok hold on
I just like the black better, because it looks more sleek than purple.
but if it's gonna be called voltage, you need some flash of color
and that's what Voltage makes me think of. Sleekness.
yea to who? e_o
umm 2 ari i think
maybe green would look better
omg yea a nice green and black
ehh, I don't like green too much, I want it to be a darker color.
dark red?
green is usually too bright.
do dark green
dark red would be amazing.
yea it would
1 Attachment
i like this one
great colors, but again, size matters :p
ik i was just showing how they look 2gether
aste, what do you think? :3
i dont know how 2 make it bigger
here ill make it on another website
well, I put the buttons on tab 3, but now I have to code them.
i think it's amazing!!
your buttons are blue. it's gonna look weird with a red/black background, no?
1 Attachment
I mean about the colors... and you have a point there Ari... but I could replace them with the same ones in a different color.
erm, that's not the right size, but great colors :p
thts as big as i could make it
...i'll download gimp.
kk :p
wht is gimp?
no idea ._.
GNU image manipulator program
or something
red and black would look ok
wait u cant convert the pic so tht it fits?
GNU image manipulation program* i can resize it with GIMP
I can't, but apparently he can :p
i think he means me
they need to install a like button on here
oh ok well i g2g ill find away 2 make it bigger
I keep on forgetting that Ari is not a guy. ._.
GIMP is installing right now. it'll be awhile :l
:l did you get visual c++ yet? :3
or was it someone else that was going to?
no, i'm going to wait until i get my new laptop for that
I don't remember. e_o
yes it was me lol
kk :3
I just finished the stumbleupon button on tab 3.
does stumbleupon work now? lol
it does, but it still says I need a newer browser, but there's a place that says "take my chances anyway".
oh ok
wht is stumbleupon?
stumbleupon StumbleUpon is a discovery engine that finds the best of the web, recommended to each unique user. It allows its users to discover and rate Web pages, photos, and videos that are personalized to their tastes and interests using peer-sourcing and social-networking principles.
I finished the buttons on tab 3! Try it out? :3
i don't think anything on OP has had soo many comments o.o lol
OS* e_o
hahaha whoopsie poopsie :p
ari. no.
lol heyyy sexi lady
No. Nononononononono.
bahahaha ari XD
aste started it by saying OP
lol true
Don't encourage her ._.
yeah blame it on mee
how big does it need to be again?
like... 773x25.5
and I need 2 of them.
well that could sound wrong
actually, just 1, 773x51.
now then, what color should I change the buttons to? ._.
noo not red
1 Attachment
is that good? pick a color.
Kinda, but I want the gradient going from up to down, not fading to the right.
ok, that's how bakon had it, so i figured you would want it the same
omg poopsie ur so picky
I am :3
well it does kinda matter so poopsie has a right to be picky
but yeah, pick a color.
ik it matters 2 him
i like the blue and red
red going down to black or black going down to red?
red going down to black.
how's this?
1 Attachment
bakon, what goes with the red to black though? .-.
idk it is still juicing :p
lemme try it out ari.
omg ik a perfect way 2 make one of these and u can put pics in it
i can make it more black and less red if you want
1 Attachment
ehh, I don't like it that much... I think we should just stick with black. :/
i like the plain black better
this is so complicated
lol how about this
1 Attachment
I mean, it looked good on the first one, but now we're trying to change the color because of the name? :L
wuts the name?
i like tht one
the last one i posted?
I still like this better,
1 Attachment
i like it too :l
voltage is an amazing name!!!
@my last one
much better than NBrowse.
yepp i like that one the best
>_> that's someone's name...
yea i agree the black one is better
my browser right now is purple but i shall make it blue
:/ i like my spirally one
1 Attachment
I think we should just stick with plain black. Although, Ari, you COULD make an awesome icon if you wanted :p
what do you for the icon? how big does it need to be?
u say "we" as if its all of ours but its urs
Something like this, but better. Lemme get the icon size.
1 Attachment
128x128 pixels.
so you want a black globe? how can i make it better? :/
Pretty much, black and white/black and red but shiny. Most preferrably black and white. And it doesn't have to be a globe. But make it a circle.
is it transparent around the cirlce? or is it a solid color?
Don't forget the shiny :p and the outside of the circle is transparent.
So, who wants to try it out? :3
i do!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, hey, NBrowse is taken.
im confused
so am i o.o
Me too.
Anyone else wanna try it? o3o
ok lets start over hi my name is ashley :p
i doo!!
haha oh yeah Aste :p
my name is hungry
bakon* >:C
yea my name is bakon wait no thts my nickname
hi hungery can i have some bakon?
sure...... go 2 the store and bye me some and then ill give u some of it
psshh wutever :p
for those of you want to try it:
well... imma go eat something. Pce. :3
@poopsiedoodle how is this for the icon? the background is transparent, don't worry. if you don't like it, that's fine. just tell me what you would like to to change :)
1 Attachment
personally, i'm in love with it. :P but if you're not, i can change it
Lol. It's funny. Let's keep it! But, convert it into a .ico file and send it to me (search image to icon converter).
funny in a good way? :/
alright, i'll look it up
oh, and when you save it, call it app.ico.
hey um...i found this site and it wants me to fill all this stuff in...what do i put?
1 Attachment
use a different one ._.
i need the size. 24 x 24? or 32 x 32?
do 128x128
oh ok
should i stretch it?
I guess.
1 Attachment
omfg @poopsiedoodle its so awesome!!!!!!!!! good job
|dw:1355088134800:dw| im really not sure where this is going
@Agent_Sniffles pro art skills.
I don't draw on the computer. No way in hell.