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A year after your first visit to the credit union the manager calls you once again. His business is experiencing tremendous growth and needs to either open another branch office on the west side of town or allow their auditors and loan-processing staff to work from home. He asks you to compare the security requirements of opening a new branch office versus implementing a VPN solution for work at home employees. As part of your comparison, identify the costs associated with these security requirements. What factors do those costs depend on? For an expansion of 10 users, which solution do you re

Computer Science
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Welcome to open Study.... Make sure your question is posted in the proper forum. Also please make sure to read the TOU and COC
This is the proper forum for this question.
I guess the part about security.... Then it talks about costs... The question is cut off though so I'm not sure 100%.

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Other answers:

It just sounded like one of those questions where they tell you some random side crap then they give you the actual question.
However, it is a very open question that cannot really be easily answered here. This is an essay question that is going to require you to do some research and analysis. We cannot do that for you. What you can do is come up with and answer and then post it for feedback and fact checking.
Yeah, that is why we need to see the full question... :(
@KonradZuse Yeah, this question could have just as equally been posted in the Writing group.
Some newer users don't realize that the question box only takes a certain number of characters so the go and paste their question in there and than don't look to see that the whole thing got posted or not.
mhmhm... sounds like a math type Question to me when they talk about costs...
yeah... Well there is a bug that if you edit the Original post it will get longer :). I told farm about it.
I personally think there shouldn't be any limit... But w/e.....
No it's not math. It's cost analysis. I've done tons of them. The only math involved in most cases is basic addition subtraction multiplication and division. If they are tackling a question like this I doubt they need help with basic math.
:P. Calc 5 yo.
It's the second half of what turned out to be a two part assignment. It's for computer networking. You're right that it's not the full question for that part also. It goes on to say "For an expansion of 10 users, which solution do you recommend?"

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