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Who dislikes justin beiber? i personally want to meet him an push him off the stage XD

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i think hes a very un talented person who is only famous off of the "modern" music industry that decides whats catchy and because of pitch correction and make up so yeah I dis like him in allot of sences
same here i agree hole heartedly with that
I find three of his songs quite catchy actually. I don't think he's TOTALLY untalented. I mean there are people out there who really can't sing. I believe he can sing to be honest.

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Other answers:

exactly my point with the catchy thing tho..its to not fonde of modern music...some nights is the best song ive heard for a long long time
Yeah that song is nice. I love dubstep and techno so I LOVE repetitive things. Haha. Don't mind it much at all.
WHAT!? u want to push him off a STAGE?! i dont likke him that much , but u cant HATE him that much either!!
i dont dislike him or hate him or like him. i like maybe 2 songs by him and he is talented. if not why would he be topping the charts ? the whole music industry is fake anyway so it doesnt matter. for eevery one hater, he has like 5 screaming fan. so SUCK IT he has made it farther then any of u. u can have your own opinion and dislike him all u want BUT u need to have respect for what he goes through and for what he has done. Peace :)
Hes topping them bcuz of the reasons a gave b4...and also the millions of girls the honestly think that they will marry this person and that they are ment tp favlrit music artist is.bon jovie. He is actually talented and makes actual good sangs...he owns a resturant were u pay what u fair...his next tour is donating the money to help with hurricane sandy..he earned his fame
And I feel ive accomplished more than him anyway...
bon jovie sold his soul. he didnt earn anything but his way to underground.
Hes still wildley famous...and ur theory by the way is wrong..the for every hater theres.5 fans....lets put it this way..52% of the world are guys. Ive only met one guy who likes him and he was homosexual...ive met like 50 girls who hate hime...pretty much all of the guys hate him leaving him with only abot 40% of ppl wjo like him..than u account for age and its mainly teens and young adults so hes left with 14% and than theres parts of the wirld tht dont even own so 11% who actually give a pellet
did u know that 90% of all statistics are made up on the spot ? and im a fan of bon jovi. he has talent, and so does jb. if he didnt start out before he was done with puberty and stuff then i guarentee there would be more fans. and just because u dont believe what i believe doesnt mean its wrong. no hate. i dont see why everyone has to argue. im jus saying u can like him or not, but u need to have respect.
It took me like 15 minutes to calculate all those numbers and percentages dont insult my work
I wont respect him at all ever. just know that...
yeaa sure. thats why it said u replied 5 min after me. i dont think so. try again.
Either way its legit...wanna be friends?
@mikaa_toxica13 i give u props. u have a legit argument so i give u respect. an him. granted i dont like him but i will respect him at the least. i probably wouldnt be able to push him off stage be4 the gaurds got to me anyways haha.
I love justin bieber. I dont care what any of you have to say about it or him. Whether he is gay or a owlet or untalented. I have met him and I have gone to all of his concerts and even have his #. He considers me as his half sister. I have been to his house and to the studio, i've met his mother, his girlfriend and all of his close friends in canada. Idc if you say im a low life or not worth anything. Whether you wanna kill him or push him off a cliff doesn't make a difference. He is just another person that was made famous, like it or lump it, people will like him no matter what you say or do, so its best just to let it go. #NoHate <3
@Jessica_Moore i give u my respect :) say hi for me ! lol @giovanni sure lol
@shashawna thank u :) and i would love to meet him. i dont have beiber fever but he seems like a chill dude so yeaa. i have major respect for him.
if i have to be totaly honest he does. thatd be pretty legit lol. i dont like jb but for christmas im getting my lil cousin tickets to one of his concerts. i promised her id take he to one lol an im gonn aget backstage passes for her lol
lol cool ! i saw jb on ridiculousness and omg i could not stop laughing
nice! u seem cool friends?
sure lool

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