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Society should make many changes to the amount of technology we use. We are depending on technology a great amount and leads us to many disadvantages. For example, we may get addicted to the internet or depend on it for everything; if one day the technology is gone many people will feel desperate for technology, it has become a lifestyle for many people. The more technology, the more we are going to depend on it for everything. Technology has had people forget how to spell due to text or just rely on the internet like the search engine. Technology has led many people to having difficulties thinking, reading, and writing; many changes should be done in order to change the habits of technology we have adapted to. Technology is leading society to have difficulties with skills they grew up with, people can not concentrate on reading and depend on the internet for everything. Google is a perfect example, people rely on it to search for many things, for example definition of words or how to write a good essay. At this point people use fewer books to read and less paper to write because technology provides all that already. On “Is Google making us stupid”, Carr states that “for more than a decade now, I’ve been spending a lot of time online”, this has led to people using technology for various help in homework or entertainment and even may result in addiction. Some people spend all their day on the internet, because we can read books online, play games, and even watch television. In “ Is Google making us stupid”, has resulted in a negative way of learning and living life. Google has become very popular in the world and billions of people use it everyday. Google should be used for entertainment and not to live life. Carr says that he uses the internet a great amount and that it’s changing his lifestyle. In order to change the amount of internet we use, fewer technology should be used should in many places, for example schools. The internet has even become an addiction for many people. Technology use is like an addiction to alcohol or smoking, once you try it it’s hard to stop. Technology addiction is a negative way on how people are thinking. If this is not stopped people may even have trouble using their brains in the future. The main change that should be done to stop addiction is a time limit. If it is used by children, parents should time their children on the amount they use the internet. If parent’s start doing this for their children, they can focus more on reading their books and not using the computer for their homework. Grown ups should know and be aware of the consequences that too much technology use leads us to having disadvantages on how we think. Google should also have a caution sign on technology use because it is a very popular visited page and many people will see it and consider to use less technology. If a sign is placed online it will warn people consequences of using the internet and they will think before acting. The more advance technology is the less people will focus on reading long pieces of writing. Many people have also changed their form of how they write. For example people get used to texts and they start using abbreviations, instead of writing all the word and might forget to spell words. Technology is making various changes to our mind and the ways we grew up learning, by reading and writing on paper and not using computers for everything. Now it seems very hard to do things if technology would not exist, it seems everything would be difficult, because many things rely on technology. For example, people just use their phones for texts and have forgotten about writing letters. Many people have had consequences by using the web. The web is taking over our minds and no one is reading long readings of writing. If this continues we will get used to this and forget about books. Society should make changes on the amount we use technology and why it is used. Technology that was used before were cars, telephones, telescopes, etc.., now it is used for everything. For example, technology has replaced jobs and entertainment happens through internet use like games and watching movies. With the internet existing, society is using it too much and forget about reading books or the newspaper. A solution that can be done is those who have problems concentrating on reading should use the internet less and not use the internet every second they are in need of something. Technology is taking over our minds and how we grew up reading books, but if we face reality and go back to how we grew up we can survive the technology apocalypse. Technology is a great way to fix mistakes, it’s easier, but relying on it too much, causes us to forget the writing and reading habits we used to have. For example, when I was in middle school in the 2006, teachers would want everything in a poster and handwritten, but now everything needs to be typed and presentations must be on a power point. People are having different problems by using technology, but many people think it is a great thing. “In a Better Pencil”, Baron answers a question saying “”Revision is less of mental and physical strain...; and we can design the text by choosing fonts, colors...”, here is evidence that Baron says technology is a great and easy way to make mistakes, because they can be fixed easily and fast. In this interview Baron states that typing in a computer is easier than writing on paper. Many writers love computers and requires fewer mistakes and less paper. In 2012 technology is very advance and many people love technology. It has become easier to write long essays and apply for jobs or college online. Technology is an easy lifestyle to adapt to but, causes society to forget they way we learned to write and read. Now, children are learning to write and read using technology and not wipe boards anymore. In order to resolve this problem we should fix our mistakes and not have technology do all the work for us. If we get used to technology fixing all our mistakes we will accustom to it and have trouble in fixing our grammar mistakes in the future. The over use of technology has led to creating an impatient society and it is also diminishing once-valued personal interaction with others. In many places like the store, school, and work there is someone on their cell phone, either talking or texting. Every person who want to go to a destination uses a GPS instead of a map. Technology can be helpful, fun, and entertainment for everyone. However, the collaboration of technologies in our lives is giving us negative effect and we should scale back down a bit on our use of great and advanced technology. Instead of people talking face to face, we have gotten used to using emails or our cell phones for communication. By communicating with technology causes society to think differently change our writing styles. Also the internet keeps growing and we spend less time with our beloved ones. To communicate with each other many people prefer to text of call someone. Finding destinations has also changed in our world, now there are GPS to help us find places and if we ever get lost and our GPS dies we will not find our way back home. Some changes that can be done to change the use of technology is to not use as much technology to communicate and go to destinations. We can use maps because those will always help and do not run on battery. Also cell phones are not necessary as much as we think, to communicate with someone we can talk face to face. If these changes are not made, it can cause us to forget to live life on nature and together as a society and not on technology. Also many schools have been replacing books with technology such as the iPads. If replacing books with iPads this will go all around the world and make a great impact. Books will never have to be used again. There is also a negative effect on replacing iPads with books, children will have a disadvantage on how they think, read, and write on the future. Children will grow up with the idea that technology is better than books. Technology causes society to think differently and get used to those habits. Fore example, children will prefer to use an iPad instead of reading a book. Their writing skills will change and will be typing all their assignments instead of using paper. Technology makes everything easier for us, but that needs to change. In “Is Google making us stupid” it states that “Net is becoming a universal medium”, and those children that are being born will come to our technology universe. In order to change the replacement of technology with books, we should keep the books in school and not replace them with iPads. It causes technology to think differently by thinking that all books should be replaced with technology because it makes it easier for us to think and complete our work, but it can affect our habits of how we learned to think, read, and write. Another solution to improve on how people think, read, and write, by the use of technology, is to do less internet use and go back to writing in wipe boards, reading books, and learning by teachers not the internet. Many books have been turned into movies and that stops a student from reading the book and watching the movie instead. Books are also summarized or analyzed by people and are put on the web for people to use it. For example, there is a website called Sparknotes, here books are summarized and many people use it to not read the whole book. Here the reader can see that the internet is a disadvantage for students, if websites like Sparknotes exist books will not be read anymore. Some changes that can be made to change how we use technology, are less internet use, not depend on the internet for everything, for example use books or dictionaries to research information in need. Many schools are also considering to lose all book use. This should not be done instead they should keep the books. In years before there was no technology, only books. Society should keep using the books as much as we use technology. Technology is making us forget how we grew up learning to think, read, and write. Technology has brought society many disadvantages, but there are many solutions that can be done to change that. For example, we can use the internet, but not depend on it for many things because we can get addicted to it. Internet use has become world wide and my even replace us someday, but as a society we are stronger than technology. In order to go back to concentrating in reading and thinking we should have solutions in our technology use, so it does not take over society.

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