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I guess this question would go here: Humans are meant to live together. What are some of the problems that make this difficult?

Language and Culture
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Other answers:

egos? self-entitlement?
erm... I guess I'll use greed :3
what's this for? are you writing a paper?
kinda. it's for my Omnibus Class ._.
wut class? i've never heard of that o-o
Omnibus. It's a classical school kinda dealio.
obesity is not a good reason.
keep trying.
...obesity isn't preventing us from living together peacefully.
the earth is in danger of becoming overpopulated? haha idk.
well, that's true. but i don't think that's what he's looking for lol
Religion is a large source of conflict historically speaking.
you could take that to an even broader statement and just say "intolerance"
This is a christian school class... religion isn't going to help on this.
I like Ari's better :3
which one?
Limited resources is another example. Oil is a fairly current instance of this, as wars have been fought over it.
That's a good one.
Ari, give him a medal for me since I gave you one? :3
yo. the zombie alpacalypse is comin up.
oh yeah, zombies too.
Power and status are other examples. Look primarily to dictatorships, such as North Korea, China, and Russia.
So, greed. Power hunger goes under there :3
what everyone's saying, basically, is "human nature"
human nature is preventing us from living together. so i guess you could say it's like...a paradox or something
Humans are meant to live a sense. That does not mean that all humans are meant to live together as 1 global community however. Humans evolved more in a tribal sense. You had your tribe, your family, and taking care of that tribe was your priority. If you had to take from other tribes, you did what was necessary to ensure the survival of your family. Humans prime urge is to reproduce and ensure the survival of your own blood line. So yes, family units & tribes, or communities are meant to live together, but one tribe and another tribe did not evolve, as they both have conflicting interests in some cases. Today's society has changed that, to be sure. Communities have expanded and grown, but you still see the same "Us vs. Them" mentality. Look at sports teams & fans for example. Patriotism another example. Each country is like a Community, which has many more smaller tribes within it, breaking down to very small levels. The US is a community, as is, say England. Within the US, you break it down further into groups of states (Look to the civil war). Within that you can break it down to individual states, down to cities, down to smaller groups within those cities. Everyone is looking out for themselves, and in many cases there is a conflict of interest. If you help your own tribe, it may cause a conflict with another tribe.
Disagreements, People That Have Completely Different Lifestyles and Living Styles And Habits Can cause If To Be Difficult

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