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I need help with my biology discussion! Help plllllease. I'll love you forever :) Identify the arguments made by Prince Charles and Professor Alison Smith on the issue of using genetically modified crops to reduce the problem of world hunger. Express your opinion about whether you agree with Prince Charles or Professor Alison Smith. Explain why you take this point of view.

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What exactly do you need help on here. This question is opinion based there is no right answer. As long as you state how you feel and explain why you feel that way you will get full credit.
That is not what you have to do at all. What it is saying is read through the article and read about the arguments theses two people have made. Once you have read it choose the person who you agree with and talk about what they said and why you agree with them.
Please let me know if I have helped you becuase if I haven't I can give you an example of what I am talking about.

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Other answers:

Like I understand what your supposed to do. I just don't really get the point of the arguments they each were making. I guess i was asking for someone else's opinion on the topic...
Well I haven't read it yet however I can pretty much assume that they have different points of view since it says they were agruing. Based on that I will also assume that one of them thinks that they should use genitically modified corn and the other thought that they shouldn't. With that information all you need now is your opinion. For example I do not feel like we should use genitically modified corn because we dont know what the consequences would be. When considering things like "ending world hunger" and "having a greater food supply" you have to think about the negatives such as what will happen to the person eating it and is it worth the effort. That is what I would say. If this still does not help then im sorry but mabye you need to re-read the article or get help from your teacher.
@kenziii_juex33 Do you understand now?
yes i do understand. thank you :)
Your welcome. :D
i am just starting on this assignment and cant find where im supposed to find the page to read about this, any help would be appreciated!

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