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Am i correct i chose A? Find the lateral area of a regular pentagonal pyramid that has a slant height of 14 in. and a base side length of 6 in. A. 210 in.^2 B. 240 in.^2 C. 42 in.^2 D. 420 in.^2

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show your work
It was my best guess i have noo idea with this geometry stuff
guess you're gonna be flippin burgers hahahahah

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Other answers:

totally joking, what do you not get?
lol reaaal funny ! :P im actually great in math and things just not this , but i dont understand how to solve it and what lenghts to use.
Your right it is A. 210 in.^2! Good job HannaaLovee!
A is correct
you guys wanna show your work?
thank you for letting me know you guys!
Your welcome HannaaLovee!
yea, i guess she can just guess all her answers, and she'll be ok.
yea totally, seems legit.
is that the motto at your school?
each lateral side is an isosceles triangle whose area = 0.5 * base * slant height compute this then multiply by 5
Motto: Just Guess. 99/100 attend community college after high school.
Agreed @pathosdebater , as long as you know your basic stuff.
I was saying that is what your school's motto is @RealityWillSlapYou The motto to my school is Sapientia Utriusque Vitae Lumen
Thus that's why 99/100 attend community college. Community college = Horrible
not sure if serious
I'm saying that if you keep guessing without proof, you will ultimately fail.
Oh, I get my proof! I just sometimes have a hard with things you I try my best.
@HannaaLovee... It is important to know the basic fundamentals, but that will only get you so far. If you need a thorough explanation of a topic, please ask, because when you go onto more in-depth you'll need to have a solid foundation.
@pathosdebater well someone's gotta flip those burgers.
@pathosdebater i most definitely agree , that's why i always ask when i do come across things i dont understand
@petewe... We'll leave those job opportunities open to people who guess their way through high school.

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