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Idea's? I have to write a personal narrative but I haven't got any idea what to write about. I think this assignment is so hard because english is my worst class. I dislike writing about myself because the instuctions are always like "Tell me about a time when you..." or "Write about how you overcame...". My life is more unintersting than you could imagine so you see my problem right? I haven't overcame anything, I haven't gone through a rough time, and I haven't done anything special. I Don't care if you make up a lie that I could go on and on about for 5 paragraphs either. Please help!

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um.....i wrote about a trip i went on to haiti. have you ever been on vacation?
To The beach but I hardly think that's worthy of 5 paragraphs
@brookecookie or @kelly226 Spare some idea's?

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Other answers:

If I were you I would just write about really anything you can think of. If you work on it hard enough you could easily write five paragraphs on it. You should just try to write things out in extremely descriptive ways and before you know it then you will have your paper done. Like one time I had to write a descriptitve essay and I wrote a two page paper on some dudes hands i know so thats just so you how descriptive you could be... hope this helps.
It really does help @Will679 Thank you!
do you want to go to college? I wrote about my goal to be the first in my family to graduate from college and how i was planning on doing it. It took be like 30 minutes to write it cause it's such an easy topic.
That's a really good topic @brookecookie thanks!
yeah not a problem, it really helps if you just can put in a lot of details cuz those will make it not only pleasant to read, but alos it will take up a lot of space.
Exactly what I need-Lots of space taken up haha

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