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what is computer science all about

edX CS50x Intro to CS I
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You know how to operate a computer or other technological innovations like ipad...But you dont know the science behind it...Or what is going on inside the devices...Computer Science is the study of this science.
Computer Science is the new name for Software Engineering. Like all scientific and engineering fields, it is a more in depth look at the what and why, not just the how, of doing something. In Physics you look at the parabolic movement of the thrown ball, but you also break it down into vectors, force, mass, and so on. Because this field is involved with computers, with a slant to the software side, this process is done to bits of code, algorithms, mathematical constructs, and so on. There is also something to be learned from why may programs changed from Software Engineering to Computer Science. It used to be that the line between hardware and software was very clear. There was firmware, software that was hard coded into equipment, but it was still software. However, this has changed to hardware that is more generic and unable to do any job without software. For example, a Digital Signal Processor for doing audio based things can be used as a VoIP aggregator, a MODEM, or a music effect tool, all based on what the software tells it to do. This blurring of the lines by greater use of firmware, embedded devices, and extensive drivers has changed things from software being separate from Computer Engineering. Now there is more overlap between the fields and the course listing for a BS in either differ in only a few classes.

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Other answers:

It is all about mastering an art in which degree and also the depth; computer is just a tool to implement designers' thought mechanically, replacing rountine manual tasks
I feel the best way for you to know the difference between computer science, software engineering, and computer engineering is to look at the classes involved for their respective curriculum's.

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