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what's wrong with OS these days??

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might be server problem but what actually the problem you are talking about @ghazi
Can you please go into detail on what you mean by "What's wrong with OS?". Maybe he means something different other than technical problems.
well guys i meant that its acting weird , it goes often and its not working properly , the way it used to and it just stops sometime whilst replying , and this problem has become frequent recently :(

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Other answers:

Too many users on OS spoil the broth of the servers :)
but it says it can take load of millions , how come in just 210 users , it is busted :(
The servers also hold ALL the info ever registered on the site which is a lot!
what about facebook then :)
Facebook has a staff so huge that... Plus it has huuuuuuuge servers!
Facebook has funds too. :)
well when we open home page of OS just look at the count of school and number of kids , you can imagine what could be the size of server, there is something wrong with this, dont know what but probably funding problem
I keep saying that whatever or facebook is doing, OS should be doing. Well they need to get more funding then. They should become partners with both sites.
It's not easy for OpenStudy to become partners with those sites: Those websites have a gigantic number of partners and it's hard to become their partners. You can have Google though :)
and idea of becoming a premium member wont be successful i am sure
i have an idea to get funding and i would love to talk to moderators about sharing idea
I'm missing the old OpenStudy days back when I joined :)
I don't really think OS has changed all that much. For the most part, the functionality is the still the same. The only thing that sort of changed is personnel. I, for one, do not miss Colm Shalvey. Maybe there's just someone you miss?
lol i am talking about saving OS and making it strong and you guys are missing people , come on
Has Colm left the OpenStudy personnel?
I don't know, but I don't think he'll be coming back any time soon. I don't think he enjoyed his job all that well. Just my assumption.
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Sorry for the end of the world scare folks. Looks like Amazon Web Services pulled the plug on our production server without any warning. The result is a corrupt database and some strange behavior. We're bringing each piece of OpenStudy back online slowly. The widget just went live again, and the database is recovering. We expect to have the site back online momentarily, but expect degraded performance while our database gets back up to speed. Sorry for the inconvenience!
from where did you get the above information?
  • DLS

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