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How is the jump from Trig/Pre-Calc to AP Calc BC?

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If i can take on calc anyone can :P
It's a pretty big jump but you WILL get the hang of it. Although I took AB not BC.
Haha I heard it was much harder than trig, just wondering. I'm a little intimidated by the word 'calculus' :3

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Other answers:

@Dido525 did u take A and B in the same year?
You can't do that actually. You have to take AB OR BC.
I know it sounds intimadating but to be honest it's not that bad and it will help soooooo much in Uni.
@Dido525 Well all high schools are a bit different. I took Accl. Alg 2 last year, so this year I'm in Honors Trig/AP Calc A. So next year I will take AP Calc BC
well i took calc 1 and i found it very easy.
US stuff :P . I am from Canada :P .
Okay but I KNOW you can't give the AP calculus AB and BC exam in the same year.
But don't be intimatated. Calculus is really fun and if you have any questions we are here :) .
*sigh* What a relief! I know I'm probably just freaking out over nothing, but that's just me. I heard ap calc was scary from a senior, and i'm only a frosh so i was a little stressed o.o
Well I'll take the AP ABC exam next year, at least I think that's what my math teacher said.
AP calc is hard though I will say. I was sad, whined and cried after doing bad in almost every test but it's soooo worth it :) .
Oh no! How was the exam?
Calc I in my university is review for Calc AB and BC
I didn't do good because I didn't study but just about everyone got a 5.
Pheww. Is it a good or bad thing that I'm taking the AP exam soph year?
As long as you know your algebra, you can take Calc
..I didn't do so hot in Algebra II.
My teacher made homework optional so I almost never did it, so I got straight B+'s all year :(
I think you will do fine on differentiation. Integration was a bit hard for me to learn.
Is it important to have a strong trig bkgd in calc? That's what my teacher keeps saying, that it takes the past years' concepts and applies them in calc
Do you know your sum and difference identities and double angle ones? That's all I used until I got to a DE course.
Yep (: I probably won't be doing DE til college, I plan to take AP Stats and Multivariable Calc as an upperclassman
DE is offered during second year of university
Oic. What's freshman in uni?
Btw sorry if ur getting bugged with me asking so many q's!
first year = freshman
You said second? Or did u mean first?
I did? I said DE course is offered in second year. You won't take DE until you get to second year of college
Oh I meant what math class is offered/generally taken freshman/first year! Sorry for the confusion lol
Freshman in math or engineering takes Calc I, Calc II and sometime Linear Algebra.
I should mention as long as you did decent in Algebra and trig Calc will be fine.
Engineers must take Linear Algebra. At least at my University.
This is coming from a student who used to fail at fail and managed to get a 99% on the Calculus final exam.
Oh. I think I did/am doing pretty good. I plan to be in neurosurgery, does that change anything? :3
Why are you taking AP calc then? O_o .
What do u mean?
As far as I know Medicine does not require extensive knowledge in Calculus.
Science students in my university still take Calc I and Calc II.
Okay same here but they don't do multivariable calculus.
Yup same
calc is very mechanical.
They stop at Calc II which is the course on integrations and Taylor Series
Taylor series are sooo easy though :/ .
Yes but a strong math background is recommended. I'm still a little iffy on multivariable calc, even though I'm lucky enough to take both AP stats and Multivariable. And really it's because of the track I started in 6th grade. I started Accl. Alg 1 in sixth, so I took accl. geo in 7th and accl. alg 2 in 8th, and now I'm taking honors trig/ap calc a this year because that's the way my schools work.
Well.... Someone is dedicated lol.
I figured since I have the option, it won't hurt to be in advanced math. But is it really that necessary? Hmm.
Not at all.
the more math the better.
Yup. She has more motivation than me. I rather play than do math. Lol
Sure, AP calculus would help you a lot but I know for a fact medicine does not require extensive knowledge in Calculus.
Well... I do math for fun and I will help others in math but I just hate studying.
Haha I'm not that great at studying either! Math just..comes naturally I guess. I don't know if I should fill Multivariable Calc up with an off-campus medicine class instead. Or even what I'm going to do senior year!
Everyone hates studying especially learning everything on the night before exams.
The thing is though... I know medicine does not require multivariable so unless you really like math I would advice not taking it.
It's more cramming than studying at that point
You need calc 2 to do multivariable calc.
^I'll admit, I've done that soo many times. :3 Yeahh. @timo86m I'll be doing AP Calc BC next year.
I have Calc 2 next semester :/ . I am not really that worried though.
I have pre calc next semester! I'm not that worried anymore thx to you guys! :)
calc 2 is a little bit harder than calc 1. It is easy but calc 2 makes calc1 look easy.
Good luck! Calculus is very very interesting once you understand it :) .
calc is just awesome once you apply it to physics. It is amazing.
Cool! I think that it's a little different for me since most ppl take calc alongside physics, but I'll take it the year after calc so I guess it's still helpful :)
Best of luck in Medicine :) .
Thanks! :D
I was never a straight A student myself :3 . Very very average :P .
Oh..I'm a bit of a nerd (but, ya know, still cool ;)) I think I just stress over everything! Lol
I have to go now, it's getting late. Thanks for all of the input everyone! wish I could give medals to all of you! :D
I think everyone does when they get to Uni or College to be honest...
Bye :) .
Haha I guess I just started earlier :P Ok bye! :)

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