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  • hba

I wish so hard for a time machine. Even if it was for once. I wish for it.

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bhaad me gaya CoC ! kyun? ;)
  • hba
Please some one help me build the time machine with your mathematical powers :P
If I had a time machine, I would go to the future in a time where a moderator is online and make him delete this post. ;)

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Other answers:

  • hba
Haha :D
  • hba
Good one
And go to the physics section; a time machine is physical -- not mathematical...
Mission Disturb Another Group: successful :D
  • hba
Well I guess it is some how mathematical too.
probability is zero
  • hba
Hmm. Is there any research work being done ?
yaa there many research regarding the time ravel rather then time machine. first they want to confirm whether time ravel is possible or not.
  • hba
Um,Is time a vector quantity then ?
yaa .. In order to time travel we need to move in the speed of light or greater than that . which is called as cosmic speed limit. recently only they proved that higgs bosons can travel at a velocity greater than light speed . so scientist are trying some means to travel at light speed.
well i should warn all dont underestimate or forget RAJNIKANTH here.. :|
Yes, Hawkins showed that... but we can only travel to the future
  • hba
\[E \neq mc^2\]
yaa @ParthKohli your right .. we can only go to future.. not the past
  • hba
If we go into the future we will not be able to return back ?
higgs bosons can Not travel at a velocity greater than light speed. what ever gave you that idea @chandhuru ?
Time travelling has different meaning 1. in this case they say there is a parallel universe existing and we can use worm holes as a gate way to reach the other universe. 2. consider the case ur sitting in a train which can move at the speed of light . your train starts moving in the year 2000. as ur moving at the speed of light the time frame moves slowly. ur travelling in that train for 50 years . when the train stops and u come down . u will see the people 50 years older but ur age will less than them. this is because ur time frame moved slowly relatively.
Actually \(c\) is the max possible speed. A proton reached \(\approx 0.99c\) once.
@chandhuru I watched the exact thing on Discovery Channel! :O
It also said that time moves slowly around the pyramids.
@UnkleRhaukus they proved recently in large haldron collider (LHC). i read an article and they proved it. U can google it if u want.
no object with mass can reach c
they are trying ... see when an object is kept near a black hole it is sucked into it at the velocity of light and the object is converted into energy.
We cannot see an object getting sucked into a black hole.
CERN did a press release about neutrinos exceeding the speed of light a while ago , but this turned out to be a huge embarrassing mistake no object of mass can exceed c
it would require infinite energy
@UnkleRhaukus that experiment was carried out twice .. and both the time they got almost same result. neutrinos were travelling at 1/60 seconds faster than light. they did these experiments using atomic clocks to validate it. CERN said that they will do it again so that they can affirmatively say that neutrinos travel faster than light.
also higgs boson is not the same as a neutrino
Its worth noting here that you could travel backwards in time, its just a more complex theory, in order to go to the future you have to travel faster than the speed of light...
ehh to an extent, if you moved through a wormhole and appeared on the other side of the universe you technically traveled faster than the speed of light if you take speed=Distance/time
there is no evidence for wormholes
sure there is, its a mathematical solution....
mathematical theory IS NOT physical evidence
alright fair enough however there is no evidence that suggest the impossibility of it correct?
also if an object gets close to a black hole the gravity pulls it faster than the speed of light then crushes it...
i give up. im too angry now
at me?
that is not how relativity works @sauravshakya
hey unklerhaukus, can i pm you a question real quick?
@unkle i cant pm unless you fan me real quick
I would be great if some one explain me how relativity works
"you put your hand on a hot stove one second seems like an hour, you put your hand on a hot woman one hour seems like one second"
i sent you a pm that better describes it...
Actually once my physics teacher gave me a book "GENERAL THEORY OF RELATIVITY" But I never read it as I found it very boring and time consuming when I asked this question to him...
So, can u plz make it short and simple?
relativity... it says that time is relative in the sense that if you move at the speed of light what you see and someone else sees is different due to the observational points
the speed of light in a vacuum is measured the same no matter how fast you are going ,
i never said the speed of light changes....
And how does it explain my question?
well even if you are moving approximately 2.9x10^8 m/s , and you measure light coming towards you from the front it will be c, and then you measure light coming towards you from the back , and it's it is still c
because its a lovely question that can be explained through mathematics
unfortunately i dont know the mathematics behind it i know the logic and philosophy....
i think im holding a good debate for a 15 year old self educated kid ehh?
  • hba
If i can travel with the speed of light i can teleport :P
well take it from me im doing good lmao
@hba not really, speed of light is 186,000 miles per second so you could go 186000 miles in one second....
I guess no mass can travel faster than light as its mass tends to infinity at very higher speed....
  • hba
^ I agree.
  • hba
What is a tachyon then ?
So, infinite energy willl be needed
a tachyon is an unproven object that doesnt have mass, so therefore doesnt violate the laws of physics....
  • hba
tachyon moves with the speed of light ?
  • hba
But there is no tachyon absorved yet ?
if tachyons exist they are an exception to the theory of special relativity....
No compelling evidence for tachyons has been found
  • hba
that drawing represents that you can only travel forward in time if you move faster using this logic if you can move at negative speeds you can go back in time.... Scenario #2: If you move at the speed of light all things will appear to slow down and eventually stop moving, therefore if you move faster the slower things will move, and they will eventually go backwards thus moving you into the past not the future
  • hba
Interesting :)
both scenarios are equally logical, this is the ONLY problem i have not been able to decide what happens...
any extra input on what would happen?
  • hba
Not really. Maybe @UnkleRhaukus would have something to say.
i think i just need a second view on it, i cant find any flaws with the logic in this so i dont know which would happen.... unless both happen... hmm i think i just had an epiphany
  • DLS
u need agar agar solution with 2 moles of cynamisdhejsliol for that
  • hba
^ lol

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