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I believe that right now Open Study is set up in one way, and that is for users to ask questions. I have seen some posts that are what we call "tutorials" but they end up getting thrown into the depths of questions to never been seen again. Why not have a section where we could store useful tips, tricks, and tutorials? I see in the "Smart Score" we have titles that call us "Mentor" or "Learner" etc... This could also apply to smart score in that sense. Basically I am suggestion we have one section for asking questions which we currently have, then have a separate part of the site for tutorials, tips, tricks, homework answers for thinks like MIT open study(after the deadline of course) and such. I cannot tell you how many times I've seen the same question asked about a homework, or maybe the same question on how to solve for integrals, or maybe a geometric shape, a line, etc. People ask the same questions over and over, we should have a database filled with sections for each of our topics here at Open Study, and then within it break it down like we do into each sub category (Linear Algebra, Calculus, Algebra, Geometry, etc). Within their break it down into subject and then have examples from our site. Now how will we decide what to be in this archive of goodness? only tutorials that people post? I believe we t also should add really good questions. There should be a button added to suggest this topic be achieved, and then I would assume mods would approve it as "Open Study" quality material. For example lets say we are talking about integration and someone asked a question that makes users think. A bunch of open study users will begin a deep discussion about this problem, and then at the end when the op gets it and everything is explained it provides us now with a complete tutorial and example of how to do a particular problem like this integration. The next way that things would be placed would be directly by the person, which would also need to be approved by a mod before posting. Whether people can make comments and post on the thread is up to you, but I think asking questions is a good idea.... IF someone doesn't understand, that is important. Next I would say that Mods and other high level users would throw up their own goodies for the rest of us... Maybe tutorials from MIT, or other certified places, who knows... Now the important question would be how does it affect our smart score, do we give medals to those asked questions who are suggested and approved, as well as tuts posted and approved. That is all up to the admins I would say, but I think there should be some sort of reward somewhere. Well that is basically my idea, let me know if you like it :).

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I like it. :)
Thanks :). I just came up with it, I was thinking about posting tutorials and guides for people to follow, but figured it would just be lost in the end and thought about having the important stuff saved for later viewing :). It might get hairy later on if there are too many of one type of question saved, but that might not happen if they only keep a few.
I remember the time when @lgbasallote started with tutorials when he was bored. He was followed by me. Some tutorial legendaries were @lgbasallote himself, @mathslover, @AccessDenied et al. Suddenly came a dark time when people started to create unprofessional tutorials, which they used as a way to increase their SmartScore. It was suggested a lot to start a tutorial section, but that was (and still is) not the point of this site where there must be personal tutoring, not tutorials!

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Other answers:

I don't think the point of this site if just to tutor. "Open Study" obviously studying. So if we look at a file, or speak to someone. I rather look at an example first and see if I can understand it before I ask a question.
But you see, I LOVE the tutorial idea I think it would be awesomee! But most people who are new and come on here are in a rush sometimes and they won't even acknowledge looking for a tutorial that may help in their problem! They want live help from the people. Somehow I think the Tutorial place would be fun to make and increase smartscore, but then again think about how much it will be used by the newer users to learn, and how much more it would be just for the fun of making tutorials....Yanno? But I still like the Tutorial matter.
It adds an extra help to the site. Most noobies do come in rushing, wanting the answer, but trust me, I'm more an open study question asker than anything. There are times I'm strugging to get help and no one's on. This is mostly in Linear Algebra and stats, I also got tons of help in Calc. If I had more resources it would probably have been easier instead of asking a question that most likely existed already. I also just thought up maybe something that has to do with mutiple posts of the same Q. I was thinking that either users be flagged for the same question and either allow both, allow 1 and link the second question answer to the first one, or if a q is asked enough it should be stickied and it someone asks a similar or exact Q it should bring him to the tutorial. for example what if I asked how to solve \[\int\limits x dx\] there should be a way to see if this Q has been asked before, I have definitely seen this on other sites where the subject lines were similar and it would display similar results. Trust me it's annoying when I roll into comp sci with 4 people wanting the same answer to the same hw problem lol. EVEN IF no one really uses the tutorials, IMO it's something that is needed. We are about studying, not having an archive of study goodies is definitely a mistake imo. I also doubt it wont be used, I'm sure many people will use it. Even if not I'm sure many of us have tutorials we want to share, and I'm sure getting a reward for it gives much incentive to write them.
I agree with this--we should perhaps have a stock of frequently asked questions, to which we can refer people. I also am not too happy with the idea of another site that just answers math homework problems. I mean, there are other resources for that. Reddit has a forum for that, and there are other places like MathHelpForum. What I think would be good for this site is to use it as an online study group--so you don't just answer questions, but work on things together with partners. So I would suggest one part of the site be for answering questions, and another part of the site be a study group for different topics.
@mathslover if you don't want to read the post, why even reply?
If this were to happen, than the new people on the site would have to know where to look. This is a great idea although there are problems here that could be forth coming. First what is to stop someone from posting other stuff on this page? second who is going to make sure what is posted there is on the subject and those who post who will be checking to see if they did the work or copied? I think before anything like this could happen those questions must have an answer to them? agree or not??
My idea was instead of entering directly into asking questions a dialog with a couple choices will pop up. 1 to study, the other for tuts. As for checking that is the work of the mods. I don't think people would copy guides, and even if they did I don't care personally, it still helps out the site, even if it isn't your own work. If you stole someone's work on here we would know.
I think there should just be a persistent question in the question feed per subject with relevant links and techniques, a link that is always bumped to the top.
I usually look around in Mathematics, and I think a lot "If only there were a section about problem solving techniques, with entries like 'look at the relevant section in your notes' or 'look up any terms you don't know' and ESPECIALLY 'try techniques that have worked for you before and see if you get anywhere.'" I think we'd avoid a lot of the trivial questions and start seeing more questions where people truly don't understand how to do a problem, which is, from what I understand, the kinds of questions that OpenStudy encourages.
As a sort of side note, I think answers should encourage more general problem solving steps rather than the steps just to get the single answer.
@aacehm I am not sure I agree with your solution, but I definitely agree with the problems you stated. It is messy, unorganized, repetitive, and worst of all...most users simply don't give a crap about anything besides receiving the plain and simple answer. Most don't want to spend time actually solving anything. It sucks.
That is what I was saying. Also if it was in the same area it would clutter leaving the answers at the top, and the questions bumped down, which is why we need a NEW section for all of this. Maybe even a "check here first, and if you cannot find your answer aask the question.
If it's in the question feed, it's much more of a guarantee that people will see it.
yes, that is true, but again then it clutters the rest. For example on my 23" monitor I only see 2 q's right now. If those were answers then no one would see questions, and then people's q's wont be answered. It will clutter the site also, that is why we need a separate section.
I was also thinking that maybe we could have them as subcategories, like when we see Calculus under Math, there could be a tutorial section there. Or in each sub folder for each category.
IMO 1) Students unwilling to do or to show ANY work at all will also be unwilling to search any sort of archive. Lacking significant automation, there is only a limited audience. 2) If there is a way to categorize and catalog certain pathologically appearing problems, will there not be a day when some author's copyright is violated? 3) If the goal of OpenStudy is to provide Human Tutors, any level of automation to a static reference will be contrary to this goal. 4) Anyone with a commitment to be a Human Tutor MUST come to terms with a certain degree of repetition. There is no end to this in real life, but practicalities of server storage and organization cannot do the "no end" part. 5) Categorization and classification mustn't be too narrow. Example, just today, I answered two perfectly valid Variation (direct or inverse) problems of a sort that is quite common to early algebra. Before I got to them, the OP was directed by another to the Physics Forum. I had to disagree with that redirection.
I have thought of this before, but ultimately don't like the idea. That really just changes what Open Study is all about. If people wanted to get answers we could just link them to a number of other great sites out there like Khan Academy, Wolfram Alpha, Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo Answers, etc... because that's where many great answers and tutorials are already. It seems to me that the purpose of OS is to help people in a more personal way that gives a form of interaction that those other sites don't have which are purely referential. We have the power to help someone by making them find the answer in themselves instead of by just telling them where to find it and then make them internalize it.
Yeah personal interaction is key if you don't understand what's going on. If something is laid out nicely it serves as an amazing resource.
@tkhunny copyrighting a mathematical problem is an unthinkable act. We need to tell people how to do problems, not how to get the answer.
@aacehm I was not suggesting a copyright on a specific problem or set of problems. As long as we answer questions individually, i don't see a problem, but if we create and maintain a catolog of examples, it seems to me there might be a point when a particularly popular author may suggest we not maintain a complete set of answers for a particular published work. It is an extremely low probability condition, but I think the probability not quite zero (0).
check this example :
one issue this brings up is in turning the dynamic flow of real interactions of the OpenStudy, into a static, run of the mill, can look up on google to read howtos type of page. The strength of the OpenStudy is in its ability for a question to receive multiple point of view and not just a one size fits all question/answer environment. not real sure if I hit the main points there, but there was a lot to read thru :)
@amistre64 , you show why we should be able to give multiple medals in questions. :) You hit the main point perfectly.

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