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During World War I, conscientious objectors were used to support which of these? (3 points) relief efforts in France ammunition production training African American troops protecting United States merchant ships 22. Which organization provided United States women with the greatest opportunity to serve in Europe during World War I? (3 points) the American Red Cross the Army Corps of Engineers the Women’s Auxiliary Corps the American Defense Society 23. Conscientious objectors were often assigned to which of these capacities during World War I? (3 points) fighter pilots noncombat troops merchant marine sailors workers in war industries 24. Which of these groups faced the most discrimination in the United States during World War I? (3 points) Jewish Americans Native Americans German Americans Japanese Americans 25. Which of these groups was the main target of the Espionage and Sedition Acts? (3 points) isolationists war dissenters union organizers journalists 26. A member of which group would be likely to join an anti-war group during World War I? (3 points) Ku Klux Klan Socialist Party American Federation of Labor National Americanization Committee 27. The Treaty of Versailles placed the blame for World War I on which nation? (2 points) Japan Russia Germany Austria-Hungary 28. Which of the following was part of Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points? (3 points) All nations should enjoy self-determination. The best path to world peace is a strong military. The nations of the Western Hemisphere should stay out of European affairs. Colonies should be governed with the good of the colonized people in mind. 29. The Fourteen Points reflected Woodrow Wilson’s belief in which political movement? (3 points) imperialism populism isolationism progressivism 30. What happened to the United States economy immediately after World War I ended? (2 points) went into a brief recession. It entered a prolonged slump. It began a decade-long boom. It grew slowly for several years. 31. What change did the United States economy experience in the years immediately after World War I? (3 points) an export-led boom that centered on trade with Asia increasing reliance on energy imported from the Middle East an economic crisis in Europe that spread to the United States increasing anti-union sentiment that led to a reduction in wages
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I'm really sorry, but I fail at history! D:
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