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I'm doing a final exam for US History. Can someone help?

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@ganeshie8 can you help?

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Other answers:

if the question is small i would try my best but if its a long question the :( lol
@ghazi is it alright if I just give you a question and you can try to answer it?
ineed it too
look, post your question that will be great, i think
@ghazi Why did Andrew Johnson face difficulty implementing his Reconstruction plans? - He had violated the Tenure of Office Act in removing his War Secretary. - African Americans believed his plans were good but did not go far enough. - He was not accepted by the Radical Republicans or by white Southerners. - He wanted to destroy the Republican Party and punish the South.
i am not sure but i guess its D
i saw my name haha wats your game?
@AnaheimNena714 I need help on my US History exam
which one?
@AnaheimNena714 semester exam
i dont think i did thaat one yet
@Star_Kun the answer to your question is D- he wanted to destroy the republican and punish the south. if im not mistaken, I hope i helped =D..
@april115 Thanks. But can you help me with the other questions, too?
umm.... okay i can try
Which of the following caused conflict among some members of the Republican party? - African Americans who were voting Democrat - use of poll taxes to determine eligibility to vote - raising taxes to pay for Reconstruction - extending the right to vote to African Americans
@april115 can you answer it?
i think its the last one
because i know that would cause a conflict to the rebublicans
can you put the answers and questions on here plz @Star-Kun
@bartjason Hey, can you help?
@timo86m can you help?
@slaaibak can you help?
@razor99 can you help?
@razor99 Which of these scenarios would be considered illegal in light of the provisions of the Thirteenth Amendment? - African American people born in South Carolina were forced to tend the fields of a master for no wages. - African American people born in North Carolina were denied access to polling places to cast their votes. - African American citizens were permitted to run for office in the southern states but not the northern states. - African American citizens were not permitted to use the same restaurants and educational institutions as white citizens.
could u read this i think this will hep u alot
@razor99 What exactly should I read?
i gave u a link did u get it
@razor99 yes, but I would rather have either a small summary or the exact answer
i think its the first one
@razor99 Which explains how Roosevelt modeled his New Deal programs after Progressive reforms? - He designed programs that kept government interference in the economy at a minimum and allowed consumers to grow businesses. - He designed programs that strictly regulated big businesses and kept industries from monopolistic influences. - He designed programs that considered the interests of wealthy citizens over the interests of impoverished citizens living in the United States. - He designed programs that sought to protect against bank failure and economic insecurity and preserve freedom of choice and inventiveness in business.
srry um i dont know that questions answer did u google it i think it would help
@sauravshakya Can you help?
@Agent_Sniffles Can you help?
im doing it right now can someone help me ?

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