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Spanish 1 help PLEASE D:

MIT 21F Spanish I - IV (OCW)
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Instructions: Create an invitation, in Spanish, to a block party. Include the following on the invitation: Provide an attention-getting headline for the block party. Include the time of the block party. Include the location of the block party. Include visuals or graphics to make the invitation look authentic and appealing. Make a list of three things you have to do to get ready for the block party using tener que + infinitive. Review the video and reference the “tener que” list you created earlier in this lesson for ideas. Incorporate vocabulary related to the community and any other vocabulary and verbs you have learned during the course for this assessment. You may submit this assessment in one of three ways. (Choose one option only). Option One: Voice Activity. Create a radio advertisement with the information about your block party and the things you need to do to prepare (from the “tener que” list). Record your advertisement and your “tener que” list and submit to your teacher. Submit a written version of the advertisement to your teacher. (Note: This option does not require you to do #4 in the instructions since it will be done in a voice recording). Option Two: Create a poster for your block party. Make it visually attractive by including pictures or other graphics related to the event. Include the three things you have to do to prepare for the event (the “tener que” list) on a separate document. Submit the poster and the “tener que” list to your teacher. You may create your poster on paper and scan it, or you may use a program such as PowerPoint or a Web 2.0 tool. Option Three: Create the block party event using a Web 2.0 tool. Include your “tener que” list when you submit your event. There are many 21st century tools available for creating and submitting work in the online environment. For more information about tools your school recommends, please visit the resource tools area in your course or contact your instructor.
:O I have no idea
block party = fiesta de vecindario ?

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Other answers:

Sorry for the delayed response, but I just logged in after a while. The instructions want you to create a party invitation...but in Spanish. You should be familiar with the format. 1. You need a headline that will grab attention. Something like "The Best Party Ever" or "The Best Party of 2012" or "An Unforgettable Party" 2. You need a time for your party. (Time: 3 p.m. -> Hora: Tres de la tarde) 3. You need a location for your party. (Place: Roberto's House -> Lugar: La casa de Roberto) 4. List three things a guest may need to do for the party. (Think of what kind of party this is. A food party? A sports party? etc. Example is... pretend it's a food party. Tener que preparar tu comida... Tener que traer los cuchillos... etc...)
i got it but thanks to all who tried to help :D have a happy new years

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