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#1: Senseless repetitive actions that help reduce anxiety are called_____. A. panic attacks B. obsessions C. compulsions D. phobias **my answer: C. compulsions is that right?

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Yes. That's right.
#2: Which somatoform disorder has serious disabilities that may include paralysis, loss of vision,or loss of feeling? A. panic attack B. conversion C. hypochondriasis D. fugue **idk this one :( and yay for #1!! :) do u get this one?
is it A. panic attack? ;/

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Other answers:

#3: Which type of schizophrenia has the person maintain a rigid pose for hours or days? A. catatonic B. paranoid C. undifferentiated D. unofficial **my answer; A. catatonic is this one right? :)
#4: Name the mood disorder where a person goes from feeling really down to feeling really up and nothing in between. A. bipolar B. depression C. seasonal affect D. major depression **my answer; A. bipolar i'm pretty sure this is A. bipolar... am i right?
You're right on #3 and #4. Catatonic schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, respectively. I'm still looking at #2.
#5: Name the personality disorder where the person has no respect for the law or authority. A. borderline B. narcissistic C. paranoid D. anti-social **my answer; D. anti-social not too sure tho... is that right? is it D?
okay :)
Yes, #5 is antisocial. And I do believe that #2 is panic disorder. Panic disorder can cause temporary paralysis and vision impairment.
okay!! :) thanks!! :D lemme post the others now :) one sec.. :P
#6: Name the dissociative disorder where the person forgets their personal information and leaves their surroundings. A. amnesia B. bipolar C. fugue D. phobia **my answer; A. amnesia is that right?
#7: Name the anxiety disorder that has irrational fears towards objects or surroundings. A. obsessive-compulsive B. phobia C. panic attack D. generalized anxiety **my answer; B. phobia is this right?
#8: Name the type of schizophrenia where the person feels everyone is out to get them and the world is a bad place. A. catatonic B. paranoid C. undifferentiated D. dissociative ***my answer; B. paranoid is this correct?
#9: Name the personality disorder where the person needs constant attention and compliments. A. bipolar B. narcissistic C. anti-social D. all-about-yourself **my answer; B. narcissistic is that correct? :D
You're right on #7 and #8, phobia and paranoid schizophrenia, respectively. i'm still looking at #6.
Yes, #9 is narcissism.
LOL "all about yourself"? That's basically narcissism.
#10: Name the anxiety disorder where the person has a constant sense of doom and fear without any specific reason for the fear. A. phobia B. generalized anxiety C. obsessive-compulsive D. fugue **my answer; B is that right?? generalized anxiety?
haha yeah but the correct term is narcissistic right?
Yes. That's right. To both questions.
okay!! yay!! So all that's left is 6 right?? is it amnesia?
I'm leaning more on dissociative fugue, actually. Usually, people with amnesia will have forgotten information, yes. But the people with dissociative fugue are the ones that will get up and leave, for no reason. People with dissociative fugue will get up, go to a totally random place, and maybe even adopt a new identity.
okay, so its fugue then! thanks!! :)
I wish the question gave us more information. But I've never heard of someone with amnesia "leave their surroundings."
ohhh okay haha yeah i agree thanks :)
Oh hey, I know this is long past and doesn't matter anymore, but I realize that I had given you the wrong answer for #2. I have no idea why I skipped over the part where it said SOMATOFORM disorder. And the answer would actually be "conversion disorder," and not "panic attack." I'm very sorry about that.
Hahaha it's all good :) Thanks for letting me know though! I'll see ya soon! Have a good weekend! :)

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