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#1: A sudden unexpected and paralyzing attack of anxiety is called a ___________. A. phobia B. panic attack C. delusion D. counterconditioning **my answer; B. panic attack is that right?

HippoCampus Psychology
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Yeah that's definitely a panic attack. It makes me wonder, because we've already used that answer in another question. Do you think it's a problem if the same answer's used twice? I was pretty sure that "panic attack" was also the correct answer your past question.
#2: Believeing that you have super powers is to delusions as hearing voices that only you hear is to:______________ A. paranoia B. illusion C. hallucination D. schema **not too sure... I'm leaning towards either paranoia or hallucination tho.. :/ what do u think?
You know what, never mind. It shouldn't be a problem. I know what panic attacks are lol.

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Other answers:

yeah haha i think that should be fine :)
You know about our five basic senses? Hearing, Taste, Smell, Sight, and Touch? Whenever one of those senses detects something that is not there, it's called a "hallucination."
#3: Schizophrenia and Parkinson's have been linked with alteration of this neurotransmitter. A. adrenalin B. acetycholine C. epipehernine D. dopamine **my answer; D. dopamine is that right?
ohh okay so #2 is hallucination?
Yes, #2 is hallucination. #3 is dopamine.
#4: The pleasure principle is to the __________as the reality principle is to the:__________________ A. id, ego B. conscious, unconscious C. id, superego D. oral stage anal stage **my answer: A is that right?? not too sure... :/
I'm gonna keep looking at #4. Because it's Freudian psychology, and I only know a little about that. You can post another question.
Yes, #4 is A.
#5: Hans Selye called the body's response to stress_______. A. stressor B. delusions C. phobia D. General Adaptation Syndrome **my answer: D is that right?? is it general adaptation syndrome? and oaky!!
Yes, it's D. #5.
#6: You have a term paper to write and you feel nervous and uptight and you use these feeling to write one of the best term papers that you ever wrote. The type of stress that you were feeling is called_______. A. distress B. eustress C. alarm D. motivation ***idk not too sure... I'm leaning towards either B. eustress or D. motivation... what do u think?
You feel nervous and uptight. It's a form of stress. And the word "eustress" literally means "good stress," or productive stress. So it would be B.
#7: The DSM-4TR is a widely used system for_______. A. identifying the differences between normal and abnormal behavior B. distinguishing sanity from insanity C. treating stress D. classifying mental disorders ***my answer: D. classifying mental disorders is that right?? and oohhh okay!! i got it now :)
Motivation isn't a form of stress. Our motivation is our reason for doing something.
Yes, #7 is D.
#8: When the therapist encouraged Herbie to talk about his problems at work, Herbie changed the subject and started telling jokes. To a psychoanalytic therapist, Herbie's behavior best illustrates______. A. fixation B. transference C. latent content D. resistance **my answer; D. resistance is that right?? not too sure :/
#9: Electroconvulsive therapy has been proven to be effective in the treatment of_______. A. phobic disorders B. dissociatve disorders C. schizophrenia D. major depression **my answer; C is that right?? or is it D?? :/
Yes, #8 is resistance. #9, electroshock therapy is used to treat major depression, actually. It's a last resort treatment. That means that doctors don't use it until nothing else has worked.
#10: The type of conflict that is exemplified by deciding which homework to start first, from the two subjects that you don't like would be________. A. approach-approach B. approach-avoidance C. avoidance-avoidance D. multiple approach-multiple avoidance **my answer; C not very sure on this tho... what do u think?
You're right, it's C.
okay!! thanks!!

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