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Project [no-name]: hi :) i've got a concept i want to implement but since everything has a "social media" feel to it now-a-days, i've kinda done something to that effect :P but don't worry, it's not "another" social media tool. if you want details of the project and what it's actually about... message me. if you can't, email me (

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2 screenshots, one is the index page of the web app, the other is one pic the dev environment
Das a lotta coding! Good job! :D
well thanks, but i'm only 55% complete of the beta :/

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Other answers:

Whoa o.o
yeah, you don't want to reinvent the wheel, just take wheel and add rims lol :P what i'm doing is taking a basic design of what a social media app may look like and use it to implement the big idea. so the design may fool you (excuse the language), but it's really bigger and something else... at some point, i'll have to pause and learn artificial intelligence :P
sounds like its going to be interesting
it is actually, can't wait to finish it already lol, i'm the only one working on it though... so it's gonna take time :P
might i ask why you have no help?
no reason really... thing is, there's very few ppl who are good with the platform and there's hardly any forums where you'd get anyone to help you with this who knows the platform well. i've asked in a couple but they all seem to come down to the same answer... if they're gonna help, i have to pay them... even before the program is ready. i don't have the funds to pay someone to help me lol, when the beta is out and there are investors, i'll seek for help. that's what i plan
oh nice(btw you need a project name) i suggest Avatar as a project name, if its good enough for Dmitry Itskov(look him up) and James Cameron it should be good neough for you ;)
lol, i've been thinking but nothing has come up yet lol, at the end of the day, it should be viral
lol Avatar ftw man, and btw im serious bout looking up dmitry itskov
  • hba
hes doing some interesting work, even though the way hes doing it will never achieve his goal its interesting to read about
interesting concept he has for the 2045 project but really? :/
yea lol, i mean for what he wants it would work however the human would still die just their thoughts and what not would live on
yeah, nearly pointless but okay
explain what...? :s
i would help if i even kind of knew how lmao
lol, i'm developing it on a local server, if u have knowledge about how to build on web2py, i could send u the current version of the app and have u do some stuff and send me an update :P
i can try to learn real quick?
when the beta is officially ready, i'll put it on an online server so that development and maintenance becomes easier... you can start learning web2py from their documentation here download it from here don't waste time with it if you're not sure about getting into it or serious about helping me with it but it's certainly worth the knowledge :)
you should know some python already though...
lmao i dont, not even a lil but i have a high learning curve so i might be able to learn in time to still help :P
that's up to you lol, i'll still be around whenever you're ready
alright, i will be learning python in my spare time, school first you know lmao
alright haha, ill do my best
Ubuntu :D
btw that 2045 project is fascinating, and it will for sure happen.
^ big dreams
the beta's finally ready and i put it online on a free server, based on usage, i might buy a domain an official domain. still in need of a name but for now, i'm going with newup :). find it here The content on the site for now will be user generated as well so atm it's pretty empty. in future releases, I might add auto generated content from web networks and other sites. Please report any errors to my email will be adding a support page in a soon and up coming update. let me know what you think :)

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